There Will Be Glog: Competitive Baseball Starts Today

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Tune in at 3PM Eastern Standard Time, folks, for your first chance to don your Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club blazer in 2009. Indians! Giants! Liveglogs! Walkoff Walk! Human condition! There are other games, too, if that strikes your fancy.

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Sweet! Now I've got a glog in my pants. Wait, what?

Best news I've gotten in a long time. Hooray live, actual baseball!

Carl Pavano is in Indians' camp so it's a rare chance to also glog the zombie condition.

I dry cleaned my live glog blazer yesterday. That stadium mustard stain was a bitch to get out

Live glog blazer for spring training? didn't you get get the Spring Training Liveglog hoodie?

Actual, real-life, honest-to-goodness baseball? That's the best news I've heard all day! Now, where is that blazer... Is it mustard-colored or fuchsia...?

Everybody knows the liveglog blazers are Pithy Blue. Get with it.

Also, why must I have a sales call this afternoon... WHYYYYYYY?

Brett Gardner has hit a homer for the Yankees give him the starting CF job right now.

I suppose Chelsea/Juventus isn't in the suggested "other games" column, is it.

Dammit. I don't have a Pithy Blue blazer. I guess it's off to the ol' thrift store with me....

Indian Fever, be a believer!

Whay are you screwing with me MLB Network? Wahoo angry, Wahoo Smash!