Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, dress in layers.

  • IS Jon Heyman in Scott Boras' pocket? Rich Lederer at Baseball Analysts does an exceptional job laying on and breaking down the evidence. Required reading if you're into media stuff.

  • WHERE were you when you heard that Rinku and Dinesh were leaving LA? It's just like Guy Clark said it would be. They had a going away party and Barry Bonds showed up. He loves these guys as much as us. On to Pirate City!

  • WILL Bobby Abreu be roaming the cavernous outfields of Seattle? Probably not. He's primarily a DH at this point. But Geoff Baker wants to see him do it for the Mariners.

  • WILL Jose Offerman get another chance in American baseball? He's coaching in the Caribbean and seems remorseful about that bat incident. I didn't know he gave a guy a career ending concussion during that melee.

Tomorrow we'll continue our pre-camp thumb twiddling with some more best of and fresh news... if anyone in baseball actually decides to make any. Same WoW channel. You too, Penguin Baby.

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Mets sign Oliver Perez for 3 years, $36 million. Last year's splits:

Perez vs Phillies: 26 IP, 1-0, 0.35 ERA

Perez vs Yankees: 14.2 IP, 2-0, 1.84 ERA

Perez vs rest of league: 153.1 IP, 7-7, 5.10 ERA

Now you know why the Mets are giving him so much money.

Hmm. I always just assumed that Heyman invented his own obvious bullshit. Apparently he's too lazy to bother.

Wow, great Guy Clark reference.

Wow, great Guy Clark reference.

Wow, great Guy Clark reference.

Wow, great Guy Clark reference.

Did someone make a Guy Clark reference?

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