Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I almost forgot to do this.

  • IS this the winter of our discontent? Looks like we're getting as much snow in New Jersey this season as they are up in Minnesoter.

  • ARE you following the Caribbean Series? MLB Network has two games tonight, including Mexico's three-headed Gonzalez monster versus Venezuela.

  • HOW pissed will Kris be when he finds out the Red Sox signed Brad Wilkerson to a minor league deal?

  • WHAT position will Ty Wigginton play in Baltimore? Might Luke Scott be trade-worthy now with three able outfielders, Wigginton at first, and Aubrey Huff at DH?

That's it for today. See you all tomorrow back here when we REALLY finish up the "best-of" pieces.

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Brad Wilkerson in 2008 was unbelievably bad, he won't play a single inning for Boston in 2009. STAY AWAY FROM ROCCO'S REPS.

Brad Wilkerson will be harvested for mitochondria for Rocco and elbow and knee ligaments for Smoltz.

And Steroids for David Ortiz.

Shit, Thanks to last Saturday I can see grass in my yard.

Thanks to last Saturday I discovered whiskey and ginger ale.

So glad I shoveled my walk/driveway an hour ago. Now the ice that was underneath has a fresh inch on top of it to make it exxxxxxxtra treacherous tomorrow.

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