Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, heed advice towards the right door.

  • GET it? That's "Best of Jill Hives". One of my favorite GBV songs.

  • YOU don't think we forgot all the wonderful contributors we had during this first year did you? We had guest writers like Will Carroll. We had commenters write pieces about their playoff teams. We had Troy From WV make a video just for us. And of course the post season blog stylings of Sooze and the immortal Tuffy. Todd Jones even announced his retirement here. Thanks to all of them and everyone else I didn't mention. Couldn't have done it without you.

  • ARE you excited for our thoughts on Manny, syringes and other noteworthy items of the week? Well tomorrow we're back to our regularly scheduled newsbashing.

See you all then. Same WoW Channel.

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I see Elvis Impersonations in TroyfromWV's future.

There was one Todd Jones comment that ended with some type of double signature...something like



Whatever it was, I laughed a lot at it.

I'd also like to thank our pal dmac for liveglogging for us and contributing to the Way Back Base Ball series.

I am 100% serious when I tell you that I could read that Todd Jones announcement every day for the remainder of my life, and laugh every time. This really is the best blog evah.

I wish TODD JONES retired everyday.

What, no "Favorite WoWie comments of year one" post? Fine, I'm taking my funny elsewhere.

Picking favorite comments would be a task I wouldn't wish on anyone. Almost every article has at least one comment that makes me larf.

We won't play favorites with our 30 or so regular commenters. You are all comic geniuses in our book, and we keep doing this blog solely to read your hilarity on a regular basis.

Thanks, commenters.

Troy from WV was a great guest post. His Andruw 'fat piece of shit' Jones still kills me.

My favorite Troy from WV entry is when he gets named dropped.

I'm still waiting on the A's to sign Bonds, so Fartie will beer bong a 40 of King Cobra and punch a child in the face

I would do that if the A's just bought some municipal bonds. Invest in your community, y'all.

When it comes to 40 dogs I'm strictly a Ballantine Ale man. Nothing beats the combination of that dirty sock taste and the puzzles on the caps.

When Rob says that reading your comments is one of the reasons we write this thing, he isn't trying to sound nice or exaggerating one bit. It's a huge part of why we do what we do. So again, thanks.

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