Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, open wide.

  • WHAT is standing behind the camera and making all these kids scream?

  • HOW MUCH have you been enjoying the LoHud Yankees Blog lately? Hurry up, only a few days left!

  • ISN'T Derek Jeter dreamy? This interview at the Stew is classic Jeter.

  • WHO comes off dumber in this video? Tommy Lasorda for not knowing what an isotope is, or the guy who tries to explain nuclear physics to him? That's like teaching trigonometry to a jelly donut.

  • WON'T you join me in saluting the recently deceased Baseball Toaster website? All the writers have found new places to blog but the Toaster will be missed.

That's all for today. Tune in tomorrow for some special field trip news and maybe some Caribbean Series news if we get around to it!

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WHAT is standing behind the camera

It's their sponsor, Marty Russo. Dude had a head like the Elephant Man.

Side note - does it frighten anybody else that the sponsor wasn't a local travel agent, or the town deli, but just some guy? If that happened in '09, Chris Hansen would get involved.

I believe the Marty Russo in question was a congresscritter.

LoHud is going to inspire some witty yankee fan to name is his fantasy team Eggs Benedict Jeter


Those kids are actually the justices of the international court at The Hague, South Holland.

Why do they need 6 coaches to manage 15 kids?

You know that fat kid on the right is the catcher.

Everybody's hopped up on Now and Laters.

Uni Watch is impressed that they paid attention to detail and wore white cleats as the A's are supposed to do. White cleats are for dweebs, unfortunately.

I love how the color of the fat kids shirts is different than that of the "normal" youngsters. Stupid jerk screen printers never kept the big sizes in stock. I HATE ALL OF THEM.

Any of those kids would kill you for a tulip bulb.

Billy Beane squeezed .350 OBPs out of every one of those sorry kids.

Those pictured represent 150 of Russo's voters in Chicago.

Of course the one day I am in an all-day conference is the day I get massive doses of Chipper and Todd.

Fred McGriff's son Erick to play WR

for Kansas.

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