Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, history repeats itself just once.

We're done here today, Bub. Tune in tomorrow and join us as we get excited for the Official Day of Pitchers and Catchers.

(Historic American photograph borrowed gently from the LIberry of Congress)

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Vitale completely over reacting to something? Color me surprised.


Massive Moustache Move: Fasano's Fu Finds Freedom

As if you needed more reason to not watch Around The Horn, they have Lil' Wayne on.

I don't actually buy hats, I just take pictures trying them on at the Modells in the Paramus Mall.

That Modells was in Stamford, CT. The only Red Sox stuff in New Jersey-area Modells is toilet paper with David Ortiz' face on it, or "Big Papi Poopie Paper".

Let me guess, the first three squares wipe well then the roll gets old and falls apart?

You have to spit on it and slam it between your hands, to get the two plies to stay together.

I read through 4 or 5 2008 spring training liveglogs today. I think tha means I've had my fill of the Arod tal. Or there will be six more weks o winter. Not sure.

Ok, so I'm not used to typing on a mac laptop. Lets try that again:

I think that means I've had my fill of the Arod talk. Or there will be six more weeks of winter. Not sure.

First one has a drunken vibe to it, Nut.

Honeynut, nic Gu Clar referenc .

I want a Mexican Coke right now. Maybe a Lime Jarritos.

The new Red Bull Cola is very tasty.

The new Red Bull Cola tastes like aged horse meat.

1. Alomar's skin had turned purple, he was foaming at the mouth

2. Considered one of baseball's greatest second basemen

And why did they do a spinal tap to determine it was AIDS? Don't they have tests for that, that don't involve sticking a huge needle into your spine?

3. he was raped by two Mexican men after playing a ballgame in New Mexico or a Southwestern state when he was 17


Honeynut, I think Alomar is easily one of the ten best second basemen in history. He's no Nap Lajoie, but then again, who is?

Rob, you may have a point. I guess I got so caught up in spinal taps and shingles and Mexican rape that I couldn't see the forest for the trees.


Was Lorraine Bracco in the ring? Did she just get punched?


I see her at a lot of fights, she's a big fan.

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