Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, she won't give up the names.

Another day over and deeper in debt. Sorry C of C kids! This has been a pretty good week so far. See you mar mar. Same WoW channel.

(Hanshin Cat from Flickr)

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WHAT will Dan Uggla win with the $5.4M he won in arbitration? I'm gonna say a Wii.

Hopefully a copy of Tom Emanski's video so he can work on that defense.

Why do you keep apologizing to the C of C kids? Did you get some stern and sic'd e-mails?

Has Melissa Kavanaugh stopped talking yet?

That cat is mesmerizing.

It's controlling Jim Leyland.

We haven't had this many comments in a single week since the World Series ended.



Only late 80's Joel

I prefer wrapped-around-a-tree Joel.

You would prefer a wrap around from Joel Mchale from Talk Soup

That's Ozzie the gato. Staring into my soul.

Baseball? I'm here for the Survivor Blog.

Are you eternally damned for ripping up those College of Charleston kids? I say no. That video was funny for all the wrong reasons and it's not like it was made by fifth graders...

What do you get when you combine a millenial-era webcam, a giant-ass plant, a roundly emo beat reporter, and an overflowing bucket of moderate awkwardness?

That Geoff Baker webvideoblogchat is an HOUR long? What could he possibly talk about for an hour? It's the Mariners, Jeff, not mortgage reform.

Also, from the twelve seconds that I watched, it sounded like he was gonna cry. Did he cry?

I only watched 45 seconds, but he did not cry in that time. I hope you noticed that he's named it, "Geoff Baker LIVE!"

"Geoff Baker web delay" just didn't have the same ring to it. And yes, in my previous comment, I referred to him as 'Geoff' and 'Jeff.' Well done, doofus.

I'm not sure why I keep apologizing to those kids. Anytime I suck comedy from an unsuspecting soul I get guilty.

And we got a lot of comedy from those idiots.

Forget it, Kris, it's Charlestown.

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