Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, red pork chile tamale.

  • DID you read my 25 Random Things over at The Stew? The commenters were pretty tame today although one did call me a chump. No one's done that since I fought Clubber Lang.

  • ARE you sad about Touch and Go records almost totally downsizing? Look at that list of labels they did distro for. End of an era, brostick.

  • DID you wish A-Rod a Happy President's Day on Monday? He was waiting for your call.

  • IS Ken Griffey now more likely to end up in Seattle than Atlanta?

  • WILL Rob fly up to Boston and attack John Henry for wanting a salary cap? Frankly, I'm sick of this dumb idea too.

  • IS Tim McClelland the smartest umpire in history? Sure seems like it. That's one enlightened take. Kudos to him.

You all have a wonderful night. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

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Of course that jackass wants a salary cap! The only team it'd hurt would be the Yankees!

And also the small market teams who would be forced into accepting a salary floor.

Since Boston is so close to the ocean, it is botanologically improbable that Fenway has the best grass.

In other words: All those rusted cahs in Southie? It's not so haht for the yahd, either.

I'm a green chile guy. According to my New Mexican friends, you have to choose red or green -- no fence-sitting allowed.

Fence jumping? Frowned upon but largely tolerated.

Griffey has had limited contact with the Braves and sources have indicated that this could be further proof that he truly is sensitive about potentially offending Mariners officials and fans in Seattle.

So don't offend them and go play for a terrible team with a rookie manager.

Shit or get off the pot.

one did call me a chump

"One?" "ONE?" Dude, that was the mighty Saro G. Nots to be fucked with. Honestly, I wish he would comment on this chump site.

listening to that slint song was the perfect way to end my work day

if griffey becomes a brave whatever is left of my childhood will be torn apart. fuck the braves

Be nice, Steve. We're only supposed to be mean to the Mets around here.

Are you refering to new friends you have from Mexico or are you refering to your friends from New Mexico?

Whoa whoa, slow down...there's a New Mexico?

jade tree put out soooo many good records, a sad day indeed. Today we're all Jersey's Saddest Dancers.

Jade Tree isn't closing down. They are just shutting down Touch & Go's distribution. The labels just have to find different distributors or go to digital releases so we can get our music Shorter, Faster, and Louder.

@ bc
Both. At least one of them, anyway.

Suicide Squeeze is on that list of labels. I imagine they'll find another stateside distributor to ensure we can find the magical combination of cool guitar work and stupid song titles that is Minus The Bear in our local snooty independent music stores...

BTW, Kris, They do the "Sweet Caroline" thing here in Rochester, NY. It's also a city full of Yankees fans (we get YES and SNY) and home to the triple-A ballclub for the Twins. I don't get it either.

Just gimme a new Shellac album already. My ears have finally stopped ringing since the last time I saw them play.

What the hell kind of music nerd site is this? Do I have to wear horn rimmed glasses and an ironic hat to the heist?

MtB got a little better with the zany song titles on their last album

Irconically enough, Minus the Bear don't write songs as well as they used to. Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse FTW

Also, the Kid Dynamite S/T is vastly, vastly superior to SFL.

That said, we can't we all rep the Wu like Honeynut's Yahoo profile?

Be nice, Steve. We're only supposed to be mean to the Mets around here.

I knew it!

That's an affirmative, Wahoo. In fact I just ordered two new pairs of hipster nerd glasses. Looking forward to rocking these at the Heist.

Menos el Oso is a great record.

People are making Lifetime references, and I was working? I want a Jets To Brazil "Pan Am" hoodie so bad I'd kill a child. Or wreck a friendship. Either or.

Son of Senior Soon to Spoil Semblance of Successful Slugging Scenario at Spacious Safeco; Seattle Citizens Seek Solace in Starbucks, Silver Skies and Soundgarden.


/blares The Posies

Lloyd, you may be Canadian but I must insist that you speak English.

Griffey signs with the Mariners. Sorry, Matt, but this is better for you in the long run.

I hope CHIPPER JONES comments on Griffey snubbing the Braves.

That said, can't we all rep the Wu like Honeynut's Yahoo profile?

I had to wear custom-dyed Clarks for three years before I earned the right to rock that logo. Masta Killa sent that to me himself.

Lloyd - "Absinthe Party..." is amazing, as is "Get Me Naked 2: Electric Boogaloo". But my absolute favorite Minus The Bear song is "Hey! Is That a Ninja Up There?". I LOVE that one.

Can't believe I missed all the MtB talk 'cause I had to host an open mic...

Eye of the tiger, Camp Tiger Claw, eye of the tiger.

I love late night Geoff Baker LIVE! I asked who would win in a fist fight between Griffey and Ichiro. He wouldn't take a side. It's gotta be Ichiro, right?


Jets to Brazil?

I-E-I-E-I, I-E-I-E-I want Jawbreaker so much more.

Wanna throw up? Get me naked is the offical WoW themesong.

/right pinned for the first time in months

Yeah, Lloyd, but I already own all the Jawbreaker tees. Seriously, you can't own more Jawbreaker paraphernalia than I do, unless you get different sizes. Orange Rhyming Dictionary is in my top 10 and so is 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, but who's counting? It's a sweet hoodie.

You guys are just putting random words together at this point.

If you're wearing the JTB Pan-Am hoodie, I'm going down to my parents house and finding my old Promise Ring maple leaf hoodie. And I'll wear my thick black frames.

I am mean to the mets enough! The braves simply don't get enough hate these days.

Jade Tree should be fine, although I can't even remember the last time they put out a good record.

Orange Rhyming Dictionary FTW, anyone hear blake's new band, pretty cool

the first minus the bear record is cool, the ones after not so much, plus they were terrible live when i saw them

ok enough of that /indiedork

@TheColonel Ichiro would obviously win, that guy is easily 75 percent cyborg

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