Tonight's Questions

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chinesenationalteam.jpg Hey kids, Est-ce que Je prends ma raquette de oiseau?

That's all for today. But it's time we had a talk about advertising. I'm sure you noticed the little Google Ad on the right side of the page that started today. Staying independent has always been very important to us here at WoW and this is a good way to generate a little bit of revenue for our server costs without having to join a big network. I'm sure we'll all get used to it pretty fast and soon you'll be ignoring those just like you do all of our writing.

Tomorrow is my first day reporting to camp and I'll be checking in from the road while Rob has you covered on all the day's news. See you here then, pals. Same WoW channel.

(Chinese national team apparel photos courtesy of Catch Central Florida's Flickr stream)

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Stan Kasten would prefer to focus on the positive aspects of the Nats organization. For example, it's been almost two years since Elijah Dukes has smacked a bitch!

The poet Christopher Wallace once said "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems"

No info for the M-L-B
Ex-wives mad cause I'm flagrant
Through my cell, show my gun to that bitch

The Mets say: "Mo Money, Vaughn Problems."

I finally got to use that joke.

This is horseshit.

I finally caved and bought a tee off you guys (actually, I didn't cave... I had been wanting to ever since Rob told me what the hell the shrimp was about but didn't want a t-shirt... then I realized "Jersey" is what you Americans call "Baseball tees") in order to help keep you independent and then you go and sell out the very next day!

What did you do with the profits of my shirt if it didn't go toward this "server" thing, if that even exists? Go buy a WoW boat? You guys are greedy, fat, capitalists!

Poppa been smooth
since days of underoos


I can totally understand why Google wants to put up ads on this baseball/costumed babies/gourmet foods/meter diagnosis blog read by approximately 15 unemployed people.

But I'm not dissing. This is, simply, my favorite place on the Internet.

Goddamn you, Honeynut, now I'm going to fall into an "I'm on a Boat" k-hole for the next two hours.

Poseidon look at my now

I did make a Dylan reference today didn't I? Wait I make one almost every day.

I'm on a dolphin
doing flips and shit

Champion of the Sun > Defender of Truth and Freedom

Master of Karate and Friendship for Everyone

I have watched more Hulu today than even Alec Baldwin or Eliza Dushku are comfortable with.

There are a lot of things I do and think that would make Eliza Dushku quite uncomfortable.