Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I'm thirsty.

  • HOW did you enjoy your first Liveglog of the year? Rob's gonna have a career year once the season starts. He's already making some contact.

  • ISN'T that a beautiful car? That's Carlos Quintana, the Grand Marquis that will be shuttling me around Florida for our Spring Training coverage. I fit right in down here. I look like Morty Seinfeld driving that thing. It's sweet. Nothing much to report today, mostly travel, but I'll be at the Braves/Astros game tomorrow and I'll let you know if anything cool happens.

  • WILL Jim Bowden be unemployed by morning?

  • IF so, is he gonna start reading Walkoff Walk. We're like 2 barefoot kids away from a bread line around here.

  • IS San Jose the next destination for the A's? Unlike Fremont, it is more than a parking lot with a mayor.

  • WOULD you let Lou Piniella mow your lawn?

So, live games. That's something. Join us back here tomorrow. Same WoW Channel.

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That is the Carlos Delgado of cars. I'm not explaining the analogy, just going with it.

Better name for my fantasy team: Paul Blart: Marmol Cop? or Revolutionary Gload?

"Almost all of my TV references are at least 10 years old" is YOUR source for Seinfeld jokes.

My Bobby Valentine 3-D

There Will Be Curt Flood

Wall*E Backman

The Curious Case of Benjamin Broussard

How I Met Youk's Mother

The Mentalist starring Dusty Baker

I'm at a basketball game by the way. Zzzz.

I'm at a basketball game by the way. Zzzz.

The Biggest Loser with CC Sabathia

There is a couple behind me on a blind date having the most boring conversation i've ever heard. I want to punch them in the womb and penis, respectively.

Jon and Kate Plus Casey Blake

@Rob re: Boring couple

Turn around and ask sincerely "Hey, you guys wanna get high?"

Make sure to make a few longer glances at the chick just to make it even more uncomfortable.

Crossing Overbay
Huston Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Lidge
Echelonnie Smith Conspiracy
TaKen Griffey

He's Just Not That Into Younglood
Slumdog Millarionaire

He's Just Not That Into Youngblood

Confessions of a Shoppachaholic
Fired Upton!
Bride Warsen Spahn

The Michael Unbourne

Marge Schottel for Dogs
Underworld: Rise of the Lyle-cans
The Dark Ray Knight (low hanging fruit, sorry)

Donkey Punto
The Uninviteddy Higuera

Cadillackey Records
Ryan Dou(bt)mit
The ReaDeRosa

The last two were stretches. I know when to quit.

Burn After Redding, Daric Barton Fink, and O Cuddyer Where Art Thou?

The Wren Commandments

The Purple Rose of (Miguel) Cairo

Edward Langerhans

Dibble Does Dallas

Morneau way out

Delmon Young Blood

The Mau(er) of Steve

In the line of Cuddyer

Half Bakered

The Middle Reliever of Notre Dame

I love this website

The Color Kubel

The Bridge on the River Kei Igawa

Blame it on Rios


P.T. Anderson presents Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" starring Scott Rolen

Zaun Baby Zaun

Glenperkins Glen Ross

A Hawpe to Remember

Throw Mama from the Tulowitzki

the outlaw josey Crede

The Good, The Bad and the Julian Tavares

Citizen Crain

Guzman for All Seasons

Iwamura She Wrote

Kubel without a cause

A Streetcar Named Denard

Reyesing Arizona

Starsky and Pudge

Paul Byrd Goes to Japan.

Throw Momma From the Treanor

hey bc twins fan, you forgot one.

Bonser and Clyde

The People Under Matt Stairs

Denard Spandau Ballet
Cudd'yer Mak'er

Jhonny Peralta President's Men


Creede Clearwater Revival