Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, access granted.

That's a wrap for Thursday kids. Speaking of wraps, I think Kris is outside the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex puking up his guts right now after feasting on the press box buffet. Don't worry, he'll be back tomorrow with some special posts for us, including the much-awaited Creampuff column. Sayonara, WoWies!

(that's a photo from yesterday's Astros-Nats tilt as taken by Flickr user picAndrew)

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Will Kris ever tell us what was on the buffet?

Suicide at the soda fountain >>> any soda you jerks mentioned in the last post.

Suicide at the Soda Fountain.......isn't that one of those Emo groups?

Are you calling me a Soda Jerk?

WHEN will Hurricane Iracane stop blowing through the blogosphere, leaving Cease and Desists in his wake? I say never.

I'm having Chewable Pampers for dinner. Spicy lentil, yummmmm.

re: Morandini

I'm a baseball player, and hopefully someday I can be a baseball coach or manager
You WERE a baseball player, Mick. WERRRRRRE.

I thought it would be a good time to get my feet wet a little bit.
Go to the beach on your own time, slacker. You're here to learn. I'm sick of these players treating Spring Training like a mini-vacay. Nose to the grindstone, Mickey!

Tommy Hanson's breaking ball is made of magic

Just downloaded the MLB2k9 demo. Apparently they're not concerned with telling me how I can steal a base or bunt.

I see the dirty fingers of Dusty Baker all over the code.


Yeah, probably. At least I wouldn't rule it out. Incidentally, most of the people in my hometown call it "pop" instead of "soda", for some odd reason.

Let us (me) know if its any good?

matt_T, is it true that people in Georgia, or more particularly, the ATL, call all sodas "Cokes"?

lemme know

Its true, a lot of people do that here.

That aint just GA. That's most of Dixie.

"What kind of coke you want?"

"Root beer."

But if you ask for a Pepsi here, you may get your ass kicked.

What if I ask for Crystal Pepsi? Do I get a nostalgic nod?

Congratulations to commenter Juancho for making this blog's 20000th comment. Whee!

That's pretty random.

I spent a few weeks in Atlanta and everyone I met told me I had to go to the Coke Museum, so I didn't. Now I wish I would have.

Woo-hoo Juancho! The Cleve represents!

Juancho will be rewarded with a trip to the Heist, to which he is already attending.

I haven't been since they remodeled the Coke Museum, but I wasn't impressed with the old one.

Fiddlesticks, I was comment #19999. I hope my consolation prize is also a trip to the Heist, to which I am already attending as well.

The original Coke museum is way better than the much hyped New Coke museum

I prefer to do Coke with Crystal in the champaign room.