Voice Of The People: Steroids

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Where do you go if you want America's definitive take on baseball's steroid problem? Apparently anywhere but the College of Charleston. It's one of the most beautiful campuses I've been to, in one of my favorite American cities... but boy is this video a real piece of shit!

Join me as host Nate Newberry gets his facts totally wrong, student Duncan Berry rambles, student Erin Drewnaiananay also rambles, Baseball Connisseur Will Cochran wears one of David Byrne's t-shirts from Stop Making Sense, Melissa Kavanagh says the dumbest things I have ever heard in my ENTIRE LIFE (while being interviewed by a dude chewing gum and wearing a fey baseball cap) and Steroid Expert Kevin Broome bros it up, gives you his take and pounds his fist like he's probably juiced himself.

Stay in school, Dummies.

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I really wish I could see this video. With an intro like that I am tempted to run home just to watch it right now.

Until about four minutes ago, I was under the impression that the College of Charleston was an excellent school.

I'm pretty sure Kavanagh finished 2nd in the 2007 Miss Teen South Carolina contest.

You think it can't get any better than a Chris Berman scrawled on the wall, but then Comedian David Broome brings down the house.

This makes me proud to be a part of the SOCON. Ah, the Southern Conference, where bad minds go to die.

I'd totally bang Melissa Kavanaugh.

hit me up... jiegel@gmail.com

I feel a lot smarter after watching this.

Also, did Erin Drewnainay have a couple of volleyballs under her shirt? Those are some big boobies.

Is it bad that I thought the main reporter guy was a toolbag BEFORE I heard him get his facts wrong?

Duncan Berry: Retarded Angel

In North Cackalacky, people are much more forward-thinking and just blame Bud Selig.

I was told there would be mint juleps.

steroids are bad, such as

I'm impressed that they managed to conduct Kevin Broome's interview on the surface of the sun. Wouldn't think you'd need a Sunbeam grill out there, though...

Nate Newberry absolutely nails the creepy gay uncle impersonation.

Impersonation? His sister's kids beg to differ.

Who is dressing their microphones?

Two words for you white balance.

The Duncan Berry was one of my "go-to" moves in college. Proper stretching required . . .

Miss Kavanaugh proves that if you have a great rack, I will watch you on TV.

Also, if Mr. Broome is a steroid expert then I am an expert on physical fitness and not drinking whiskey.

I agree with that steroid expert: The reason baseball has been overtaken by football in popularity is that baseball uses steroids and football doesn't.

And the Carolina Panthers banner makes that expert's comments even better.

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