Walkoff Walk Field Trip: The Citizens Bank Heist

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Well guess what, kids. We're all gonna get out of the house and get some of that elusive fresh air. The first annual Walkoff Walk Field Trip is taking place this summer at the home of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. We're calling it The Citizens Bank Heist, and if you don't come we're gonna be really pissed off.

Summer is a busy time for traveling, and it's hard to explain your internet friends to your real friends. We get that. Therefore we're going to let those that are interested in actually attending help choose between the following dates:

6/20: vs. Baltimore, 7:00PM

  • 7/11 vs. Pittsburgh, 7:00PM
  • 7/25 vs. St. Louis, 7:00PM
  • So check with your significant other. Make sure you don't have some boring relative wedding you have to go to. Check flights (Southwest is mad cheap to Philly). Then either comment your preference or email us.

    We're probably going to buy a group of $30 outfield seats with a good view of the action, and a quick walk to crab fries and beeeeeeer. If that's too pricy let us know. We can be persuaded to sit elsewhere.

    Next week we'll announce a date.

    You don't wanna miss this, WoWies. There will be blood.

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    Instead of that, go to Oakland. We can smoke weed with Trackstar and buy his CDs for $5. Then we can watch a bunch of 18-year olds play baseball with Jason Giambi.

    Make sure you don't have some boring relative wedding you have to go to.

    If you make it 7/11, it's cool if I skip my own wedding, right?

    Bring her. We'll have a cake or some champagne or ether or something.

    No significant other and no responsibilities, so I'll be there whichever date is picked.


    I'll have enough shitty baseball to watch all year.

    There is very little chance I can make any of the dates, so I'll go with 6/20, in order to somewhat shorten the period of soul-crushing disappointment (mine, not yours).

    I'm sorry to hear that, but I gotta say it makes me feel ten times cooler that people on the West Coast actually read this stuff. You dudes are all so laid back and shit.

    This is really tempting. Put me down for a maybe and I vote for the Cards game because I want Phillie goombas jeering me the whole time.

    I wanna come I wanna come!

    For extremely obvious reasons, I will vote for the game against the Cards.

    Is this a he-man woman haters club get-together, or are girls allowed to attend too?

    Pshhhhhh what kind of question is that?! Bring your drinking boots, lady; I'll do the same. I'll probably drag Raskolnikov with me, too, under condition that he also wear an Ankiel #24 t-shirt.

    Clare if you don't come who am I gonna dance to ABBA with?

    Oh, myself. Like last time.

    I come back to Philly at least once a month over the summer and usually anchor it to a Phils game. Kudos for picking such a handsome, victorious, and above all convenient city.

    I will vote for the Cards, although it would please me to attend a Pirates game on their righteous quest to overcome the Phillies for the dubious milestone of consecutive losing seasons.

    I say 6/20 or 7/25 - I feel like I'm going to a wedding or something that other date. I await the opportunity to reveal my true BONILLA with you bastards in person.

    Airtran has cheap flights to Philly too, for those that don't have the Southwest option

    Greyhound has cheap flights to Philly too, except they don't use wings.

    Also, we need an official WoW hotel and I'd like to call and ask for the Shrimp Discount.

    Everyone can sleep in my car.

    I plan on sleeping in a gutter

    I plan on being arresting for throwing batteries at various Cardinals players who were present in 2006.


    If you throw like Tigers pitchers, the batteries will sail over their heads.

    Official WoW hotel is Pedro Feliz's queer bungalow.


    I know for certain that the 25th of July doesn't work for me, I'll be in Lake Placid. 6/20 or 7/11 would be fly.

    For those of you looking for a place to crash, resist the tempting price at the Society Hill Hotel. Of course, if someone coming into your room and rifling through your possessions at 3AM is a thrill for you, by all means.

    I thought we were all staying with you.

    I'm conditionally down for any of the dates, assuming Im not far, far away on a job somewhere. I'm assuming there will be cheesesteak eating, ridiculous amounts of drinking and at least a few felonies?

    I have a feeling there will be a run on Garfield t-shirts sometime around mid-May.


    Party at meech's place!

    6/20 would either be perfect (right after my class ends) or horrible (right before my class ends).

    Either way i think it gets my vote because july will be more difficult all around.

    Also, this sounds like a blast! It'll be just like the internet, only with more beer and less women.

    I never go anywhere, I'll be here for any of those dates. People can sleep on my couch!

    I'll be at all 3 of them anyway. You can all crash at my place, as long as you don't mind waking up to Chase Utley's parade speech. It's my ringtone/alarm.

    Beer? I got beer. Sections 101-104 is it?

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