Walkoff Walk's Citizens Bank Heist - July 11, 2009

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Hey kids. We picked a date. Our first ever WoW Field Trip, The Citizens Bank Heist will take place July 11 in Philadelphia for a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Man, I hope either Rinku or Dinesh are pitching.

If you want to go you have until next Wednesday, February 18 to email Rob and let him know how many tickets you would like. They're $30 each and he's buying them Thursday morning. You don't need to send any money or anything right now. Just tell us how many tickets you want. We're not buying any extras so if you think you wanna go, let him know. Once they're all purchased, he'll send you the payment info.

We understand that during the Xtreme Depressionâ“’ everyone's fun money is limited and we thank you in advance for wanting to spend yours with us. Look out Philly, were coming for you on 7/11. JUST KIDDING DON'T TIP MY BUS OVER.

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Big gulps huh? Well, see you later.

I think that RV is broken down. I just noticed that. Fitting.

We picked a date.

That's great! Where are you registered?

July 12 is my birthday. I'll have to explain this trip to a lot of people.

We're registered at In-N-Out.

I'd like to register my disappointment in the Indians projected rotation.


Will there be a webcast of the Heist? PLEASE?

Liveglog it.

Who all will be in town Friday night?

Enrico and I will buy up the row behind you, give ya the real experience.

jk, put me down as in+1.

I'll come up Friday night, Mr Underscore T.

I'm pretty sure I only need one as the missus would be too ashamed to be seen with me in public.


Will my Joe Carter jersey be greeted with derision or aggression? Good natured barbs or batteries? I can barely wait. Or walk.

We're going to have a massive WoW tailgate party with tons of shrimp and beers.

I had planned on being vehemently opposed to any date other than the one I said I liked, but fuck it I'll be there.

It's okay, I didn't want to go anyways.

/cancels wedding

Alright, I'm in!

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