Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club: Giants @ Indians, 2/25/09

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It's a day of new beginnings in old places! The Cleveland Indians haven't had a taste of that dry desert heat since 1992. They are making their triumphant return to the Cactus League today, inaugurating their new ballpark in Goodyear, AZ with a tilt against their longtime desert rival, the San Francisco Giants. We here at the Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club are making our 2009 debut in brand new club blazers but in the same old creaky blog you know and love.

Today's matchup features last year's NL Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum taking on the Indians' young hopeful Jeremy Sowers. Cleveland had a chance to make this game really interesting by putting AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee on the mound, but manager Eric Wedge wussed out. Doesn't really matter, I suppose, as both starters will be pitching for just one or two innings before giving way to such illustrious names as Keiichi Yabu and Tomo Ohka.

So let's get glogging for the first time in aught-nine, after the ol' jump:

3:00PM: Paul Hoynes at the Plain Dealer has today's lineups. The Giants outfielder Nate Schierholtz will be seeing time in all three outfield positions today, while Pablo Sandoval will get thrown into the fire at third base. Indians stud catching prospect Carlos Santana will get the start at DH.

3:05PM: I'm listening to XM channel 186 which is merely broadcasting the Indians' radio feed. Remember when XM and Sirius merged at the end of 2008? Well despite the merger, Sirius subscribers still can't get XM games on their shitty receivers. Tough nuts, says I.

3:08PM: Of course, this game is on, so if you've shelled out the $80-$100 dollars to get that online goodness, my glog will be worthless to you. Actually, XM 186 is right now broadcasting some local yokels on the Cleveland ESPN Radio station so my glog may be worthless to everyone.

3:11PM: And we've got baseball! Something just happened with Pablo Sandoval. doesn't have a live boxscore so just like last spring, I'm wingin' it. Bengie Molina is up now.

3:15PM: Giants put runners on the corners before Molina flew out to shallow right, keeping Edgar Renteria from tagging up and scoring. Whoops now it's 1-0 Giants as Travis Ishikawa brought in Edgar.

3:18PM: Sowers gets Aaron Rowand swinging to end the inning. Walkoff Walk spring training liveglogs: your source for baseball misinformation! 1-0 Giants.

3:21PM: The first three Indians to face Lincecum will be Grady Sizemore, new Indians 3B Mark DeRosa, and Jhonny Peralta. Sizemore goes down swinging. One down.

3:24PM: DeRosa grounds out to Renteria. That's two outs. The announcers are simply swooning over Lincecum's delivery and his sweet curveball. Peralta lines a base hit to center. Vic Martinez is at the plate; he flies out and the inning is done.

3:29PM: We'll see Nate Schierholtz, Emmanual Burris, and DH Juan Uribe here. The announcers are relaying the wildly inaccurate rumour that the Giants are still in the hunt for Manny Ramirez. How comical.

3:32PM: I'm hearing a Filet-o-Fish commercial offering two sandwiches for $3 at Cleveland area McDonalds which can only mean two things: (a) it's Lent and (b) the Giants went down 1-2-3 and I missed it. Gloggin's hard, y'all!

3:35PM: As promised, Keiichi Yabu is your new Giants pitcher. Ryan Free Garko lines a double to lead off the inning.

3:38PM: Ben Francisco grounds one up the middle and Garko gets caught in a pickle between second and third. Yabu fires to Renteria who slings to Sandoval and tags him out. Francisco reaches on a fielders choice. Here's Jamey Carroll. Yabu picks off Francisco at first! Two down.

3:39PM: Carroll grounds out to short and we're headed to the third inning. Still 1-0 Giants.

3:42PM: I should be liveglogging Tiger Woods' grand return to competitive golf instead of a ramshackle AL Central team's grand return to the desert. Tiger's on XM channel 146, the PGA Tour network.

3:44PM: Zach Jackson is the new reliever for the Indians. Jackson came to Cleveland from the Sabathia trade with Milwaukee. Winn grounds out to lead off. Renteria flies out to shallow right. Two down. Sandoval grounds out, that's a 1-2-3 inning, my favorite kind.

3:47PM: Here's switch-hitting catcher/DH Carlos Santana, who grew up in the D.R. worshiping his new teammate Vic Martinez. Awkward! Santana walks.

3:50PM: Right fielder Trevor Crowe fouls out, bringing up the U.S.A.'s own Grady Sizemore...he laces a double to center and almost heads for third before realizing that Santana was held up at third by coach Joel Skinner.

3:53PM: I am going to start using this graphic every time Santana gets a big hit for the Indians. I don't expect to be using that picture much until 2011. Here's DeRosa.

3:54PM: DeRosa hits one high and deep's gone over the left field wall! That's a three-run tater tot for Mark and the first ever homer at Goodyear. 3-1 Indians.

3:57PM: It feels good to write the words "tater tot" and have them actually mean something. U.S.A! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! Peralta makes out and VicMart lines out to end the inning. Let's go to the fourth.

4:02PM: Bengie Molina grounds out to start the fourth. One down. Here's Travis Ishikawa. Ishikawa slams a tater tot, proving our BONILLA projection was apt: " Disappointing numbers at the big league level can be easily explained away: it wasn't actually Ishiwawa last year, but a heavily disguised Nathan Fillion researching a role." That solo ding-dong brings the Giants within one, now it's 3-2 Indians. Rowand is retired. Not from baseball. Just that at-bat. Schierholtz makes an out and the inning is done.

4:08PM: Brian Netters (Fetters? Yetters?) is the new Giants pitcher; he induces a fly out from Ryan Garko. Seriously, I can't load up the Giants roster on Yahoo, I have no idea who is pitching. Whoops, the inning is over.

4:10PM: First person to tell me who that was pitching gets a gold star embroidered on their blazer. I feel like The Big Lead guy over here right now.

4:12PM: Rafael Perez is the new Indians pitcher; he'll face Emmanual Burris. Burris lines a double to left; here's Juan Uribe.

4:15PM: Uribe grounds out to short but advances Burris, bringing up Randy Winn. Commenter Matt_T gets the gold star, identifying the Giants pitcher as Brian MEDDERS. Good work, Matt! Winn grounds out, scoring Burris and tying the game at 3.

4:17PM: I've just been informed that the Yankees prevailed 6-1 over the Jays behind an Alex Rodriguez ding-dong. Speedy Brett Gardner smacked a solo tot off lithe lefty Brett Cecil.This gladdens me. Oh, the Indians got Renteria out. Middle of the fifth.

4:18PM: I've just been informed that the two Filet-o-Fish sandwiches cost $3.33 at Cleveland-area McDonald's and not just $3 flat. This public service message brought to you by the Ohio Catholic Diocese.

4:20PM: Medders deals to Santana; he earns another walk. The Indians have a special deal where if you buy 4 tickets to some Indians game this Saturday, you'll receive an official Grady Sizemore fleece blanket. The announcers joke that ladies shouldn't get their hopes up because the blanket doesn't come with Sizemore wrapped in it. HAR HAR HAR HAR. Crowe grounds to the new shortstop Brian Bocock. Fielder's choice, y'all. Sizemore fielder's choices too. Two down.

4:22PM: Here's Mark DeRosa, the toast of Goodyear, who lines out to end the inning. Stinkeroo.

4:25PM: Holy crap, both teams just substituted for everybody.

4:28PM: Nevermind, only the Indians did a mass substitution. I still have no idea what's happening.

4:30PM: Ishikawa just ripped a two-run ding-dong! It's 5-3 Giants. He's 3-for-3 with 4 RBI now and two tater tots. DAMN.

4:34PM: Eugenio Velez replaces Aaron Rowand as a pinch runner. I'm struggling to keep my head above water, still trying to work in my glogging fingers.

4:37PM: Nate Schierholtz lines a two-run tater tot off Edward Mujica and it's 7-3 Giants. Kevin Frandsen flies out. Goodyear Field is officially proclaimed a hitters park, with the wind blowing out and the light-hitting GIants smashing dongs like its their business.

4:40PM: Juan Uribe is retired and the inning is over. Here's the bottom of the sixth, our final inning of coverage today. What, you were expecting a full glog in the middle of February?

4:45PM: Juan Wilson Valdez flies out. Jose Jimenez walks.

4:46PM: I'm just proud of myself for knowing those two men's names. Michael Aubrey flies out softly. Two down. Here's Matt LaPorta.

4:48PM: LaPorta is the dreamy prospect that was the centerpiece of the Brewers half of the Sabathia trade last year. He strikes out here, just like I struck out hard with my debut glog of 2009. Oh well! Next week, after all, is another week. Thanks for joining us anyway, folks!

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If the Giants win, Chief owes me a shot of Jameson.

Well, if I've learned anything in the fist 7 innings of spring training games, it's that you can lose Todd Jones, but you can never lose his essence.

"Sirius subscribers still can't get XM games on their shitty receivers."

And fuck them for ruining Ethel and Lucy to boot.

You're on, Phillas.

Excuse me miss, would you like a fish sandwich

Pronk looks skinnier since he laid off the sweets in the offseason.

So steroids are sweet?

I tuned into MLB Network just in time to see the pick-off. I love those.

Anybody else notice that they call that ticker thingy at the bottom of the screen "The Baseline"?

You like pick-offs then Ryan "slower than your mom" Garko is the player to watch.

Bengie Molina will give Garko a run for his money.

CARLOS SANTANA! Didn't know he was done with music and decided to pursue a baseball career...


@Jerkwheat: Unfortunately, Brandon Lyon's been drinking nothing but grain alcohol and rain water all season long.

I have a feeling that in a few weeks we will see official team Snuggies.

I'm here, don't worry. My sales call went really well, thanks for asking!

$3.33 is a pretty arbitrary amount for those Lenten fishbombs. Why do it that way, so you can buy enough for 6 people if you've only got ten bucks? Is that some sort of loaves and fishes reference? Anyone here a biblical scholar? Matt, you're southern. Clue us in.

Ishikawa is Japanese for Pedroia.

Or Chris Shelton, I'm not sure.

Ishikawa for MVP. Small sample size be damned. Or regular season.

What? There's been a Chris Shelton sighting?

I'm southern, but not southern baptist.

Hey guys, Bobby Crosby is tearing it up.

YO\ou need to whip out your semi-glog pic, Rob.

Rob has mentioned 27 different players today, 4 or 5 of which might actually be relevant this season. Step ya game up, first game of 2009.

just like I struck out hard with my debut glog of 2009.
That's why it's called Spring Training.
My game's as sharp as ever, obviously.

Don't be so hard on yourself, Rob. I think you did great telling us about the Giants vs Indizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I can't believe the blog ended early. I've got blueblog.

I too was surprised that Rob cut it short, all of his Wednesday glogs went the distance last year.

/reads archives

I would like to retract both my statement and my sentiment of surprise.

If I finish a single liveglog during Spring Training, I'll give you all $121,021,328,123.93