Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, I see the opposite happening here.

We're going to take a 3 day weekend in honor of the Presidents or something. In Lloyd's case it's the Prime Minister. Or Emperor. I always forget what they have up there. Join us back here next week as we continue to get our Sea(son) legs under us. Have a good weekend. Bye now.

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"I always forget what they have up there." They have whatever England tells them to have.


Wahhhhh the team didn't over pay for me even though I won't be back until June. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hey Earl, I'm starvin. We got any rabbit cacciatore back there?

Which way did he go, George?

I think my favorite meal in the world comes from Jacques-Imo's in New Orleans.

It's the paneed rabit saddle over macaroni in cream sauce studded with hot peppers and tasso.

Fuuuuuck, I want some rabbit.

Why rabbit when the sign clearly says it is duck season?

It's wabbit season!


does it suck


I feel really bad for them. Only two WS titles since '97? Awful.

In the meantime, I still live off the memories of a WS win when I was 9 and the fact that the A's are moving to Fremont in a year.

It sucks to be a Marlins fan? Seriously, Iracane, you looking to push me over the edge?

If you like Russell Stover chocolates we are gonna have trouble being friends.

Freemont is just a parking lot with a mayor:

Mac Dre was from the V-A-L-L-E-J-O...not Oakland. RIP.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 Las Vegas Marlins!"

I cannot find the President's Day Parade on TV!


Dallas is on Central Time so Kennedy won't be at Dealey Plaza for another hour.

President's day sucks... If you have to work.

How am I supposed to get anything done today, without the calm hand of WoW to guide me?

I pan roasted a duck breast this weekend. After searing, I transferred the rendered fat to a another pan using it to fry up some Duck Fat Potatoes with Rosemary.

It was one of the best meals I ever cooked. I was full for about 36 hours.

According to my bathroom, your duck was a little bit gamey.

In sum.

Kris, potatoes fried in duck fat is something everyone deserves to try at least once in their lives. Well done.

I'd eat Curt Schilling's fake bloody sock if it was cooked in duck fat.

I am getting too much work done today. My boss is asking questions.

Did you know that the Spanish word for "pussy" (ass in vag) is "conejo?" Conejo means rabbit.

Food for thought people.

whoa...awkward and pretty gross typo there...

"AS in," not "ass in."

ass to vag is pretty good but not as good as an ATM

Always thought it was "pinoche"

Forget ATM, I roll with the Donkey Punch.

I am up for anything that involves getting shit on.

On a related note: Mid-2000's Detroit Tigers pitching "great" Nate Cornejo was completely hairless. I'm just saying.

ATM is the shit.


Did he have Alopecia universalis?

Clare, is it a mystery or am I doing something wrong? The only place I've had goose fat fries is here:


and they were so good I wanted to fuck them.

Oh, goddammit. It is not a mystery, I am just seemingly retarded at HTML. http://www.hotdougs.com/menu.htm

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