Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, must not all things at the last be swallowed up in death?

That's the last time we run a picture of Shea Stadium's skeleton, I promise. In fact, let's look towards rebirth and growth and new beginnings, especially with our own Kris Liakos in sunny Florida right now. He's going to spend the next week tooling around in his white Lincoln from Port St. Lucie to Orlando to Fort Lauderdale to Pirate City and reporting on what he sees, hears, smells, and eats for Walkoff Walk. Blessed are we, indeed! Have a great weekend, folks.

(Shea's last gasp obtained on the up-and-up from Flickr user Swerz)

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Will Kris be wearing his high top sneakers with his sailor tattoos?

So, Rob likes to sleep in the warmth and safety of a big brown bear?

strung-out quarterbacks, hopped-up pitchers, slowed-down middleweights, convulsed half-milers and doped-to-death wrestlers...

Ladies and germs, may I present: The Varsity Sports Banquet.

Kris and his Florida Twitter.
Can't wait.

Rob, you should know that Kris won't rock any mention of Red Sox lumber unless Dewey Evans is prominently involved. Didn't you read his "25 Things" on The Stew?

Crippled Cornersacker Crede Contracted to Conjoined Central Club

Bonus Bucks Backloaded, Based on Bashing Boatloads of Bigflies.

Actually, the bonuses are based on plate appearances. so make that

Bonus Bucks Backloaded, Based on Busying Batters Boxes

you guys may recognize a certain commenter in this video:
(you may want to watch on mute)

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