Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, spring has sprung.

That's a wrap on quite a fun week of spring training exhibitions and athlete encounters. Kris will still be knocking around camps over the weekend so let's hope he has some more interviews and whatnot to share with us. I hear he got some one-on-one time with Jerry Tranuel in his Cadillac. Have a good one, everybuddy!

(phonecam picture collage of today's Yankees/Twins tilt legitimately taken from Flickr user santheo)

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Two questions:
1) What kind of ale for the carbonnade?
2) Will it assist you in sponsoring the Baker page if I spend the rest of the afternoon taking the Get-Your-IQ.com IQ test over and over again? (Bengie Molina's IQ is 121!)

Way down in Cincinatti close to Kentucky, was a managers desk made of some kinda wood where lived an old manager by the name of Dusty B.Not that great really.

Will the panel with all the scores be back?

I used Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale which is totally the wrong kind for the carbonnade, but whatever.

Yes, the score panel will make its gallant return as soon as I remember how to do it.

What about my sense of self-respect? Will that be returning as well?

A comment from the real Garrett Oliver and an interview with the fake Chipper Jones. This was truly a halcyon week for WoW.

That was easier than I thought. Thanks for the reminder, ms12000.

Just use a can of Guinness ya fancy lad.

I've cooked something similar with Fat Tire. Probably turned out sweeter than I would have liked, but not bad.

When I cook I use a 64 oz bottle of Olde English. I use High Gravity 800 if it is a special night.

Pujols might end up as the greatest hitter of all time, and it makes sense that the Cardinals would stretch to keep him, but giving a 10-year contract to a guy who is "29", in the (sort of) post-PED era, would be extraordinarily risky.

The thing about Pujols is it's hard to compare him to anyone. His career arc isn't like anyone else's on or off PEDs (save A-Rod). There is no sign that his stats will drop off very significantly in the next 4 or 5 or 6 years. I figure his final years will be more like Musial's than Mays', but who knows.

//if any other team gets Pujols, I will punch each and every one of their fans in the throat

mmmmm, Guinness. The Beer That Drinks Like a Meal...

Chipper tater totted today. Coincidence? I think not.

Comcast added extra innings and the MLB network for $5 a month.

@ matt

Really? That's fantastic news.

Guinness has fewer calories than Budweiser. How do you think I maintain this svelte figure?

Chipper tater totted today. Coincidence? I think not.

Comcast added extra innings and the MLB network for $5 a month.

@ Chief

I had heard Guinness was pretty good in terms of calories. I hadn't noticed before because I was too busy drinking it. Good ol' Beer Milkshake...

Guinness gives me gas that could peel paint.

Guinness gives me strength to fight the Gerry's.

I used to sponsor John Valentin's page. God damn that was one gritty ballplayer.

Alas, Jimbo, we hardly know ye.

Now get the fuck outta town.

Two innings and he didn't break, pull or injure anything! Nice....