Andruw Jones: Hangin' In A Chow Line, Scratchin' And Survivin'

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Andruw Jones, heartbroken and left for dead by two separate teams in as many years may be finding redemption among the tumbleweeds in Arlington, TX. Our favorite plantain loving former All-Star is sort of impressing people in Rangers' camp, avoided two rounds of cuts and now may be working his way into the lineup.

"This is what I'm considering for today in Peoria," manager Ron Washington said. "Andruw has hit fourth many times in his career. There are going to be plenty of times that Nelson (Cruz) plays and Andruw isn't in there that I'll probably put Cruz in there. Nelson has done a great job in the clanup spot, but I also feel like Andruw can hit there and Nelson can protect him, too."

While the club still hasn't added him to the 40-man roster, Jones has twice waived deadlines for that move. The most recent deadline was Monday. Now, the club has the next 10 days to examine how he might fit as part of the solution for the Rangers' problems against left-handed hitters. The team was 21-31 against lefties last year; in the AL, only Baltimore had a worse winning percentage against lefties.

Jones had one of the most precipitous falls of any star player in recent years. We're talking about a guy that 51 and 41 tots in '05 and '06 respectively. But after every number sank like a stone in '07 he was absolutely miserable trying to prove himself in LA last year, making into only 75 Big League games. It isn't that far fetched to think that he must have some pop in his bat, and that a lunching pad like Arlington may help nudge him back towards being a longball hitter.

In any case, you just hope it works out because he seems so sensitive. I mean he hasn't even commented here in months and we all know how much he used to love that. Give him a shot Ron Washington, even if just for sentimental reasons.

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Andruw Jones is a real nannerpuss.


Ain't we lucky we got 'em.

Remember that issue of Playboy where Florida posed nude?


It's only a matter of time before Elvis Andrus shows up and starts spouting off catchphrases.


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