Baseball Before Bedtime: Blue

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday while you made me feel so blue:

Yankees 12, Phillies 0: On the day that ace pitcher Cole Hamels headed back to Philly to have his ouchie elbow looked at, would-be Phils fifth starter Kyle Kendrick got his ass lit up for the fourth time this spring. Kyle gave up four runs in four innings and actually saw his ERA drop (all the way to 12.10!) as the Yankees mashed twenty hits off the WFC staff. HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS, PHILLIES FANS? Joba Chamberlain had his second straight studly start while Nick Swisher had three hits and three RBI for the Yanks.

Nationals 3, Marlins 1: Maybe being a Nationals fan will pay off sooner than we initially thought. Stud pitching prospect Jordan Zimmermann is mowing down batters in spring training as if it were his job. Well technically, it is his job, but the kid has already amassed 22 strikeouts in just 12 scoreless innings over five appearances. Dude's never thrown above double-A ball but might crack the Nats rotation this year. After all, who else they got?

Rockies 8, Diamondbacks 3: Todd Helton tater-totted while youngster Jhoulys Chacin finally gave up some runs this spring. The Rockie rookie struck out Justin Upton twice but allowed a two-run triple to someone named Evan Frey. Chacin is 24-8 with a 2.40 ERA in two minor league seasons of low-A and regular-A ball.

Twins 5, Orioles 3: Joe Crede went 3-for-3 with a home run, a double and two RBIs and finally proved to Twinkies manager Ron Gardenhire that he knows how to spell "chandelier". All in all, a successful day for Crede.

Red Sox 6, Blue Jays 4: Roy Halladay got slammed by three Boston ding-dongs including one to shortstop Jed Lowrie. The Blue Jays took a loss despite Travis Snider's third home run of the spring.

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Jhoulys Chacin

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