Baseball Before Bedtime: Grapevine Fires

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday as the ocean air fanned the flames:

Blue Jays 6, Team USA 5: When J.J. Putz became a Met and entered the depth chart behind closer Frankie Rodriguez, he pouted a bit and thought he should get some game-savin' opportunities. Well tough nuts Putz because you just blew a save as a member of Team America, allowing three hits and three runs including the walkoff hit to someone named Brian Dopirak.

Pirates 2, Twins 1: Andy LaRoche smashed a two-run ding-dong off R.A. Dickey to lead Pittsburgh over Minnesota. Andy is 4-for-8 since coming back from back ouchies. Tom Gorzelanny and Francisco Liriano both pitched well. Their families are proud. Oh, the Pirates are 7-1 this spring. It helps when none of your players leave for the WBC.

Mexico 14, Diamondbacks 4: Good news for Kris' favorite team as Team Mexico collected tater dongs from sassy senior Jorge Cantu and the Hairston Bros. Bad news for D-Backs fans because Brandon Webb got absolutely BOMBED by the caballeros, giving up four hits and six runs in just over an inning pitched. Decent news for Nick Piecoro because J Crew is having a sale on kelly green polo shirts.

Indians 5, Cubs 4: According to Bud Shaw at the Plains Dealer, "The Indians won the game in the eighth inning when Wilson Valdez's groundout to short scored Chris Gimenez from third." I don't know who any of those three people are. In other news, Carl Pavano was tattooed for four hits and three runs in two innings of work, but Fausto Carmona and Jensen Lewis each contributed two innings of scoreless pitching. What, no Kerry Wood?

Rangers 5, Royals 3: Top Texas prospect Justin Smoak smoked a three run tater tot, and that's all I need to tell you about that game.

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Braves 3 Yankees 2. Kenshin Kawakami is made of 魔法

That's one of the best Dcfc songs and the video is pretty rad too

Kerry Wood pitched two innings of BP and his back felt fine. Guess we won't have to worry about that again.

The characters in Matt's posts showed up in my browser as little boxes with number in them. So in other words, Kawakami is made of box scores. So he is a baseball player. Pretty obvious, Matt.

Also, please help me fix my browser.

I think it works for my work browser since we are owned by an Asian company.

Kenshin Kawakami is made of Pachinko balls?

That's a bit xenophobic don't ya think?

Dammit, google told me those were the characters for magic

How about Team USA getting one run and one hit in six innings off of Brad Mills and Matt Clement? The Jays have arms, baby!!!

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