Baseball Before Bedtime: I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday while you wrestled with tears:

Yankees 7, Reds 1: Looks like a few innings against the Reds lineup was all Joba Chamberlain needed to get aboard the express train to a sub-7.00 ERA. Joba struck out three and reached 96 MPH on the speed-o-meter and was supported on the offensive side by Shelley Duncan's three-run tater tot. Alex Gonzalez played shortstop for the Reds for the first time since September of 2007, having spent all of last season recovering from a borkened knee.

Rays 11, Blue Jays 4: David Price, the Barack Obama of baseball, made his spring debut with two shutout innings in relief and new Rays DH Pat Burrell hit a king dong to lead Tampa to a convincing win over Toronto. It wasn't all peaches and cream for Joe Maddon's squadron; outfielder and inordinate Rob Iracane mancrush Fernando Perez left the game with an ouchie wrist when diving to catch a liner and missing in the first inning. Matt Joyce was seen tenting his fingers and muttering, "Excellent" while paging through the book How To Get Ahead of Guys Named Gabe.

Cubs 8, Mariners 1: Rich Harden threw for the first time this spring in a real live competitive situation, unless you count the time last week that he played an impromptu round of beer pong with a saguaro cactus (he lost). Harden went two innings and gave up two hits, while So Taguchi provided a two RBI single for the Chicago offense. Ken Griffey went 0-for-3 but he did it with style, consarnit.

Braves 7, Astros 4: New Braves pitcher Derek Lowe threw four hitless 'n' scoreless innings and struck out six Astros. This still counts despite the low organizational ranking for Houston. Omar Infante had two RBI and a triple for the Braves.

Netherlands 2, Dominican Republic 1 (11): One of the best games I have ever seen, hands down. From Ubaldo Jimenez' record setting 10 strikeouts in just four innings to the Dutch bullpen's bending-without-breaking to the Dominican bats going absolutely cold with runners on (14 LOB)to Hanley Ramirez watching two would-be-tots fall just short of the warning track to Carlos Marmol's pickoff attempt going just wide of Willy Aybar to set up the winning run, I enjoyed every high and every low of this contest. Long live the orange.

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Okay, that Netherlands-DR game was freaking awesome. Fat Mike Francesa can pontificate all day long about the WBC being a "meaningless exhibition", it meant something to me, it meant something to the Dominican and it sure as hell meant something to the Dutch.

I was watching as well - and that was as good as anything you'll see in October. The curse of A-Rod continues. I had my daughter sleeping on my lap for the last couple of innings and it took a lot of control to not wake her up. Baseball is BACK!!!

There is no joy in Santo Domingoville tonight, for the mighty Hanley has struck out.

I like to add words to famous poems.

There is no joy in Santo Domingoville -- the mighty Hanley has struck out.


great game made even greater by the fact that Jim Kaat called the game.


Willy Aybar will from now on be know as the "Bill Buckner of the Dominican Republic".

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