Baseball Before Bedtime: I Miss You Already

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday while you weren't even gone.

Cubs 12, Dodgers 3: Carlos Zambrano allowed 3 runs over 5 innings but was like "screw it" and drove in 4 of his own. He had a 3 run Happy Jack and an RBI double. The Cubs just lit up Randy "Air" Wolf. Manny missed the game and the highlight for the Dodgers was a record attendance at their new stadium. Big deal.

Astros 1, Tigers 1: Hoowee! A 1-1 tie. I heard Peter Gammons say that players are getting restless and bored during this extra long spring training. They must have been watching this. But hey, the season is getting closer, because starters are going longer. Justin Verlander went 6, and Brian Moehler went 5 scoreless.

San Francisco 9, Brewers 8: A gentleman named Jesus Guzman won this game with a 2 run tater tot, and Jeff Suppan pitched well. Most importantly Bruce Bochy's mustache is in mideseason form.

Red Sox 9, Twins 5: The Red Sox wore their St. Patty's green which everyone has since copied including Rob Iracane. Josh Beckett went 4 with a rough second inning. Papi and Jason Bay both went Ding Dong and according to the late news Belinda Carlisle was on TV tonight. She still looks pretty good. Rawr.

A's 11, Snakes 3: Nazi-sounding phenom Max Scherzer made his spring debut for Arizona. He allowed 5 runs and only got too outs. Oops. Sean Gallagher went 4 scoreless for Oakland striking out 2 and smashing 2 watermelons. Eric Chavez says he'll be ready to play next week, and ready to be back on the DL in 5 weeks. Jumanji!

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Actually, the Reds were the first team to do the green on St. Patrick's Day thing, in 1978 ( For some reason all the Red Sox fans I know get really defensive when I mention this...

Great find, Dave. But Kris was right about one thing: my green Yankees hat is a total copycat move.

Nice call Dave. And, I'm less defensive than Julio Lugo.

Hip Hip Hooray for Jason Bay. (Yes, I said that somewhat unironically. Live with it.)

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