Baseball Before Bedtime: If I Can't Change Your Mind

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday when you were feeling sorry for yourself:

Rays 12, Astros 2: Astro Brandon Backe got hammered while the Rays' starter Jeff Niemann was good for the second time this spring. Reid Brignac collected a happy jack.

Brewers 8, Rockies 6: The Rockies are now 0-7 in the springtime. Colorado reliever Ryan Mattheus allowed a tater tot to Trot Nixon. That should explain it.

Cardinals 15, Mets 4: Anyone who thought Freddy Garcia had the inside track on the Mets starting rotation better get their noggin looked at. Fella gave up ding-dongs to Chris Duncan and someone named Allen Craig among the four runs allowed in just two innings pitched. His ERA this spring is 32,839.27.

Giants 7, Diamondbacks 6: Randy Johnson was good against his old team, striking out SEVEN D'Backs in three solid innings. Pablo Sandoval had his first homer. Not ever, but close.

Indians 9, Royals 9: Zach Greinke got torn a new one and the game ended in a silly tie despite the Royals seven-run fifth. Alex Gordon had a tetra tot.

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I want more Captain Sparkles!

I had Bob Mould all inside my basement walls a couple years ago. I had to rip it all apart, there was No Alternative.

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