Baseball Before Bedtime: You Made Me Realise

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday as you made me realise:

Mexico 7, Rockies 3: Sure, it doesn't count in the Cactus League standings but hey, the Rockies are still winless this spring. Team Mexico pounded their countryman Jorge De La Rosa for six runs over two innings while brothers Edgar and Adrian Gonzalez collected two hits apiece. Perhaps the Rox can get off the schneid today when they play the Padres.

Mets 3, Italy 2: Team Italy held the Mets scoreless for eight innings, rendering them about as impotent as a Staten Islander. But reliever Kasey Olenberger let in three runs in the ninth as the Mets walked off with, well, a walkoff win. Olenberger? That ain't Italian. This game don't count.

Canada 6, Yankees 0: Joba Chamberlain didn't record a single out and let in five runs in a loss to Team Great White North. In fact, he walked both Jason Bay and Justin Morneau with the bases loaded and even threw a wild pitch! The Yankees' first hit came in the fourth inning off the bat of super star would-be third baseman Angel Berroa. Kei Igawa threw three scoreless innings.

White Sox 4, Cubs 3: The Cubbies' ninth inning rally fell jussssssttttttt short of a win but no matter, baseball is back in Vegas! Or it was, for one day. Josh Kroeger drove in all four ChiSox runs and then returned to Hollywood to finish recording the latest Nickelback album.

Team America 10, Paul Shaffer 0:

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That is the oddest CHIPPER JONES comment ever.

Rob, nice interview over at KSK.

So, I didn't sound like a retarded Girl Scout?

retarded no, Girl Scout yes.

Adam Dunn's plucked eyebrows made me spit coffee on my monitor.

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