Bob Uecker, Master Of The Cough Button

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Artie Lange was on the Late Show Tuesday night. Among other things, he regaled Dave with a tale of being in the booth with Norm MacDonald and the immortal Bob Uecker. Best three man broadcast team ever.

Anyway, Uecker is apparently still chasin' skirts at his advanced age. Of course this is no surprise if you were around for this post last year. At least we can now be certain what Ol' Bob is staring at out of frame there. Also, a couple weeks ago Rolling Stone told me that Artie Lange goes on frequent heroin benders and is an attention starved loonball. He seems to like baseball though.

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Artie the one man party (and huge Yankee fan).

Artie Lange is why the Late Show had to switch to widescreen format.

He's one Cathy Smith short of a Belushi.

Apparently you can say, "TITS," and get it past the FCC censors now. God, I'm so glad Obama won.

master of cotton joe the break factors. Halloween Costumes

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