Classic TV Friday: A Double Dose Of Steve Garvey

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Today's Classic TV Friday is more than entertainment. It's a class. Former Dodgers & Padres 1B Steve Garvey was a 10 time All-Star, NL MVP, and a World Series Champ. Guy could rake. But after retirement a tell all book from ex-wife Cyndy pulled the lid off Garvey's womanizing ways and child fathering prowess. In the ensuing years those stories have come to define the Garv almost as much as the stellar years in the prime of his career.

Sure most ballplayers have a way with the ladies, but what really put Garvey over the top? Well to hear him tell it, it was Aqua Cologne!

How did that not become the best selling cologne of all time? Move over Spanish Fly, Papa's putting on the Aqua. That's the stuff that unleashed avalanches of Garvey Gravy all over SoCal.

Hell, it even worked so well that when a Chula Vista millionaire dude (a pandering ninny who is the complete opposite of the Garv) gave his wife a totally over the top birthday gift of a helicopter ride and a Padres game, she couldn't keep her hands off you know who. While the husband filmed it! Kinky!

Please to enjoy the romantic stylings of Steve Garvey, a true Slimeball HoFer.

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The late-'70s and early-'80s were truly a golden age of sleazy white person culture. (I am keenly aware that my September birth was the byproduct of too many Lowenbraus at a New Year's Eve fondue party.)

It still hasn't registered yet. I still want to see him, you know?

Garvey makes wives admit on camera that they want to cheat on their husbands.

Two Garvey videos completely devoid of Floorwax? Color me disappointed.

I ♥ MY (swinger) WIFE!

Why did that guy keep spelling it "wifee"? Did hip hop culture bite off of Steve Buice? I say yes.

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