Detroit Dismisses Diminishing and Disgruntled Dude

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Well this is surprising. The Tigers just straight up released Gary Sheffield. No sugarcoating to it, they cut him and they'll pay him $14M to do nothing. That's a lot of money to eat, I hope Miguel Cabrera is hungry.

When asked if this was the end of the line, Gary said "It aint close." For a guy that came into the league in 1987, you gotta think it's pretty close. But he'll certainly land somewhere for this season. We say Tampa, Chicago (NL) or that Barnstorming Birth To Death Exhibition that is the Oakland A's.

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Well the Tiger's firesell is getting an early start.


Detroit Dismisses Diminishing and Disgruntled Douche



Optimum hilarity = New York Met Gary Sheffield

Please, Please, Please don't come to Boston, Gary.

The Nationals could use one more crazy outfielder.

Fire sale fail, you're doing it wrong, blah blah internet meme.

If he could still play third base, the Yankees would welcome him back. And he'd go, too, now that Ku Klux Torre is out of the picture.

At this point, whether Sheffield wants to admit it or not, he's a DH until he retires. TO OAKLAND!

Would anybody be surprised to see his picture in the dictionary under "disgruntled"?


He's more like ungruntled, because I doubt he's ever truly been gruntled. But you'd be mad too if you found out your wife once dated (i.e. got peed on by) R. Kelly.

Tobias Funke knows a thing or two about a fire sale fail.

The South Coast Boutique is having a fire sale.

He's worth the risk of signing, but only at rock-bottom pricing. I think he's toastbread, though: old, and for someone who's greatest asset is bat speed, a nagging wrist injury would seem to spell certain doom.

He's definitely worth a league minimum signing. Since his millions are guaranteed by the Tigers, he's making his money regardless, so he has no incentive to shop around for a big offer. I think a lot of teams would gladly pay just 400 grand for the chance of even some semi-productive slugging from Sheffield. If he gets hurt or doesn't deliver - who cares? - the Tigers are paying him the rest of the $14 mil.

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