Gary Matthews Jr: "I Wish To Play. You Have Been Warned."

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Two years ago, Gary Matthews Jr. was coming off of a career year in Texas and cashed in with a 5 year, $50M contract with the Angels. He was merely average his first year with the club, and after the Torii Hunter signing last year he played sporadically, nursing a bad knee most of the time. Perhaps the someone should have advised the Angels not to give a player $50M after one good season, but in any case what's done is done and now Little Sarge wants a chance to earn his money.

"My goal is to play every day," Matthews said. "I hope that's here.

"I don't intend to sit around and play a couple times a week like last year.I sacrificed by changing positions, not making a stink about it and playing when I was hurt, with a pretty significant injury," Matthews said. "I did what I was supposed to do and kept my mouth shut.

"Now that I'm healthy, I want to go back to playing every day. I don't think anybody would fault me for that."

GM Tony Reagins said he's "aware" of Matthews request but there haven't been any demands. That's pretty lax treatment of a man with gently simmering rage who everyone is pretty sure used to take HGH. The reality of the situation is that Matthews sits about fourth or fifth on the Angels OF depth chart, and he betrays the truth with that "I hope that's here" line.

But where would they move him if it came down to that? Mike Scioscia seems openly skeptical that he's healthy which probably isn't the best way to preface a trade. Add in the fact that he's still got $30M over 3 years on that contract and moving him isn't going to be a cost cutting measure for the Angels. Eating part of that deal will balance out any bargain they got signing Bobby Abreu.

None of this is Matthews' fault. The Angels signed him to an outsized deal, and there are worse things than wanting to play. Just don't think Matthews plans on being this polite about for the rest of the year.

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