Gary Sheffield May Soon Be Enveloped In Brotherly Love

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Updating the Gary Sheffield story, only a few hours have passed but a couple of teams have spoken up to say "no thanks." J.P. Ricciardi said no. The Rangers very succinctly said they'll "Pass" on him. Sheffield stated his preference is to play for those Rays, but those around the team don't see that as likely. If I paid money to ESPN to read Buster Olney, I'd probably find he's saying that Sheff may have trouble finding work anywhere. Which is why I don't pay them money to read Buster Olney.

One team increasingly in the mix as the day goes along is Philadelphia. They cut Geoff Jenkins today, and according to everyone on my Twitter that lives in Philadelphia, Todd Zolecki is reporting that the club is in touch with his agent. Will The Champs be Gary Sheffield's 8th major league team?

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Did Paul_Pierce34 say anything about it?

I live in Philly and haven't Twitted word one about it. Oh, you meant smart people like Clare and the 700Level. Fair enough.

Either way, Sheff would make a great DH. Err, clubhouse presence. Err, proven winner. Ok, I got nothing. Please tell me this is a joke.

It seems I bit Jerkwheat's DH joke from his Twitter. Sorry, Jerkie. Lame minds think alike.

Philly should be more worried that Chan Ho Park was just named the 5th starter.

They are just trying to sign him so that I do something unbecoming of a gentleman at the Heist.

So Ghostbusters shirts will be the decor du jour at the Heist.

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