Hey Guys Check Out This Band That I Like, From Your Friend Darren

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Hey guys. Check out this band "Flow" that I like even though they're from Japan, haha. I like everything they do and they're really good. But this song is super good and it's about baseball. I wonder if the band "Flow" will ever come tour in Texas so I can see them. Fat chance, right? I know!

Check it out, it's good:

Told you it was good!

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I thought we fired you.

I thought we deported you.

That's actually a Japanese PSA about Asperger's Syndrome, so I understand the connection, Darren. Doesn't mean the song is any good, though.

They're no Brokencyde. (Not linked for your protection)

What impresses me is the fact that Darren isn't actually in the band in a post entitled "Hey Guys Check Out This Band That I Like". Sure, that's not much to be impressed about, but little victories, friends, little victories... you know, like the Kansas City Royals.

This is what we get for Japan winning the WBC.

"Let's game!!! Play ball!!!"


They are Japan's answer to Fall Out Boy, in other words they absolutely suck.

Too happy. Needs a Sheffield infusion.

Why must everything in Japan be decided by a 3-judge panel? Iron Chef, elections, divorce proceedings, tentacle fetishes, vending machine selections, pseudo-pop-punk... always with three judges.

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