Manny Being Shahriar Nafees

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Yesterday Manny Ramirez filmed a commercial to promote DirecTV's new cricket package. They should have had Rinku and Dinesh bowling to him. In any case, our cornfed All-American friend Duk was there for the international-ish festivities. He took some video and I'm stealing it and putting here because I want to watch basketball. Please to enjoy!

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Where is everybody? I want to chat baseball!

watching basketball?

Basketball sucks, those f-ing squeaky shoes.

As for Manny, he needs to sort out his front leg, he's a prime LBW candidate. He'd do ok driving down the ground but would be in trouble trying to cut the ball or play it to leg.

Everyone's circling the wagons,

Rebuttal, good sir?

Dammit. Here's a tidbit from Cathal Kelly's attack on Chipper:

At the Brass Rail. This ain't too shabby. Not too shab ... Oh Lord. They are taking off all their clotheses. Sweet Buck Rogers. This don't feel right at all. Must turn eyes up to ceiling and ... yeaaargh! There go my muscles again.

Shawn Marion is wise.

@Lloyd: Needs more CAPS LOCK

Shawn Marion - the go-to quote when you need the opinion of a guy that's been in a city for two weeks.

The Brass Rail in Toronto is the place where I first got whipped by a stripper with my own belt.

But not the last, right Rob?

Cricket is the reason God invented pot and Dragon Stout.

Exactly, Chief. That's why after the media shoot Manny and group enjoyed high tea.

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