Massive Rinku and Dinesh vs Topps Bubble Gum Company Update

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Breaking news from the Million Dollar Arm blogosphere! It turns out that contrary to our initial investigative report, Rinku and Dinesh were not bamboozled by a shady representative of the Topps company. In fact, neither Rinku nor Dinesh had any idea who it was who offered the fellas $5 in exchange for their Manoj Hancocks, but JB Sir actually knew the chap, and he's cool with the whole transaction. Turns out this was just a huge misunderstanding, like an episode of Three's Company, or the Franco-Prussian War.

Here, in his own words from an update to their blog post, is our man Rinku and his heartfelt apology:

Topps man sir. We sorry. JB explaining that he knowing this man and he not believe man doing these things. he say we not understanding right. Dinesh and i all things new being to us. we wishing many time we just being pitcher, but we also knowing all other things too needed.

This big mistake by me and dinesh. we always sending JB first so no more mistakes. We sorry if we causing any problem. We wanting everyone forget this thing please.

JB Sir follows with his own mea culpa and apologizes on behalf of his clients, praising Topps as a 'cornerstone' of baseball products and insisting that the company would never try an underhanded move like that. He closes by saying, "The boys terrible and hope that have not upset the rep who came to visit." Yeah. Wait, what?

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JB sir made even less sense than the 2 guys who aren't native English speakers.

I read that if you chew gum excessively it can make you bloated because you swallow more air than you normally would.

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