Mets Player Does Something Clutch, Shocks the World

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With the USA down 5-3 to Puerto Rico heading into the bottom of the ninth inning, I was all set to write up my take on the WBC entitled, "Top Five Big Fat Reasons Team America Pooped the Bed" (#3: Adam Dunn was too busy clogging the bases). But then, something very unusual happened: a Met had a clutch hit. David Wright's walkoff single pushed the United States to a win over their stunned protectorate and carried the red, white, and blue (as opposed to the Puerto Rican blue, white, and've got it backwards, sillies!) into the semifinal round out in Los Angeles. They'll join Venezuela, Korea, and the winner of tonight's rematch of the 2006 WBC title game between Japan and Cuba.

With the bases bloated and one run already in on a walk to Kevin Youkilis, Wright blooped a single down the right field line that brought in Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino. Face-of-the-game Derek Jeter and the rest of the team piled out of the dugout in celebration. Think about it: that's Yankees players and Red Sox players rejoicing together; Mets hitters and Phillies base-runners embracing in pure joy over a dramatic win. It's enough to make a fan's head explode, probably because it all happened without any pesky Twins players.

Fernando Cabrera, a two-time WBC competitor and current Red Sox minor leaguer, blew the save and took the loss. Jonathan Broxton picked up the win despite allowing a ninth-inning run; the U.S. starter Ted Lilly, typically seen watching home runs flying out of Wrigley Field, was abused for three runs in three innings thanks to tater tots by Alex Rios and Carlos Delgado. The US struggled bringing in the runs for eight innings: they left ten runners on base (four by Youkilis, who also had a gigantic solo dong).

I guess the only real disappointing part about last night's game was David Wright's inability to draw a walk and keep the possibility of a WBC game-ending walkoff walk off the table. What does Wright have against treadmill-running shrimp?

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Celebrating? I don't think so. Clearly, YOUK! is trying to hit Jeter with a flying knee. But poor David Wright is in the wrong place at the wrong time again...

Face-of-the-game Derek Jeter


I love how Rollins was DHing and Jeter palyed SS last night. WORST MANAGING MOVE EVER

It looks like Jeter and Victorino are about to engage in some man on man love.

Also, I for one will be shocked if Rob doesn't draft Jeter with his first pick tonight.

I am only drafting Yankees.

Later dudes. I'm gonna drink hella fruity ass drinks with umbrellas and shit...and not a damn one of you can stop me.

Rob, make sure I get Stairs with my first pick tonight.

My rule is I can only move up a couple spots on my list to get a Twin and NO WHITE SOX

@Chief, I'm only drafting Indians except Pavano.

Why does Rob only picks homo-erotic pictures?

The question should be, why do MLB photographers only capture the gayest moments possible?

Rob they have no choice when the photo involves Captain Gorgeous.

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