No, Bud Selig, You Shouldn't Employ Xenophobic Old Farts To Promote Your International Tournaments

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As if hiring a jingoistic rabble-rouser to be your international spokesperson for the World Baseball Classic wasn't bad enough, Bud Selig had to take it one step further and force a tired and weary Tommy Lasorda to endure a television interview while perched on a stool in the blazing sun of Dodger Stadium. Here's video evidence of what can happen when you pump an 81-year-old full of capicola and cheap house wine and ask him tough questions via a satellite hookup:

(We owe a Coke Zero to the good folks at Bugs and/or Cranks and the lusty lovers at Deadspin)

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I just want to state for the record that I think this is a cheap shot by Rob. I love Tommy.

That is all.

Kris loves doddering old lecherous dagos. That's why we're partners, actually.

I just want to state for the record that I think it was sopressata.

"Have you ever not been an ambassador for baseball?"

What kind of fucking question is that? "Well, John Mullin, I used to be Undersecretary of State of the game of baseball under Clinton. But when President Obama asked me to be Ambassador of Baseball, I decided to leave my tenured position as Professor of Baseball at Georgetown to serve my country once more."

As always, I'm with CTC. More xenophobic old farts.

This is the best interview I've seen in a while. From now on, when someone asks me a question that I don't feel like answering, I am going to cough violently and wave them off.

Also, 2:45. That's how long Tommy went before finally opening his eyes.

What an angry little day we have here at WoW. Three different white, rich baseball men massacred for their sins. I pain to see what happens if someone posts an article on how steroids ruined the sport.

When Lasorda was growing up, Italian was not white.

With a little more weekly face time, Tommy Lasorda could easily become baseball's version of Don Cherry. Then everybody wins!

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