Omar Vizquel is a Gold Glove Post-Modern Figurative Painter

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Former Indians and Giants shortstop Omar Vizquel is trying to catch on with the Texas Rangers this spring. If that doesn't work out, though, he's still got a burgeoning artistic career to fall back on. Bud Shaw of the Cleveland Plains Dealer catches up with the veritable Degas on the dirt, the Gauguin with a glove:

"I painted a lot the three years I was there," said Vizquel, whose artistic portraits were featured in an exhibition in September in San Francisco's Caldwell Snyder Gallery. "I wanted to show the whole thing I did during my stay there. It went great."

Vizquel told the San Francisco Chronicle that he is a fan of European figurativists Odd Nerdrum and Lucian Freud, calling them "the two most exciting contemporary artists living right now."

The painting above is entitled "Despair" and was most likely influenced by Omar's feelings towards Jose Mesa circa October 1997. I also believe this one is an homage to Jim Leyland.

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Jabba the Pope really speaks to me.

Jose who? Nineteen ninety what? I do not recognize these words you use. You might as well say "cleaning lady" to me.

dude he's good.

I fear this means no more covering Goo Goo Dolls songs. Dammit.

I don't see any of the nekkid lady paintings he's done. Which number in the gazillions.
Here's his take on Bud's relationship with baseball:

He likes to paint boobies, although I could do without the one titled "Big Dream". Maybe Vizquel is down with BBW?

Sure its nice, but its no dabbleboard


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