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While it lacks the glitz, glamor, and nubile cheer squads of the NCAA basketball tournament (Go Noles?), the World Baseball Classic rolls into the semifinals tonight. The final four offers some interesting match ups and storylines with the tournament increasingly turning into a battle of attrition.

A study in contrasts tonight in the classico du monde. The Venezuelans play a style akin to good pornography: big bats, big tits, big hair, and big dicks. They've saved their biggest gun, Felix Hernandez, for the potential final so they're sending a slimmed-down, less-dickish Carlos Silva to the mound tonight. Venezuela's success is dependent on connecting the strong starting pitching directly with their closer, hopefully bypassing the scrubbish bullpen. Korea will send Suk Min Yoon, best known for not giving up a run during WBC play and for being a Korean guy.

The Korean team is rather hard to pin down for average fans* like us because they nearly all play only in the KBO. Their defense is airtight, their pitching staff is full of guys with funky deliveries and they've got a surprising amount of pop in their lineup. If they can keep the ball in the park, they'll have a great chance against the Latin rivals. If Carlos Silva's sinker barrage keeps the Korean's off the bases and the bats come around, Hugo will be a happy man tonight!

So drop any pithy comments or observations as the game progresses here, or lament the state of your bracket away from Rob's judging eyes. Enjoy!.

* - Not me, I've been to TWO Doosan Bears games. I ate Burger King and marveled at the bizarre seating arrangement. It was bliss.

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I have no intention of watching the game, but I'm rooting for South Korea because a) I despise Carlos Silva and resent the fact that I have to watch his fat, bitter, puss-tossing self, every five days, and b) Hugo Chavez can cram it with walnuts.

Way to get your priorities straight ESPN. This "blood timeout" during NCAA wrestling is really fucking fascinating.

Shin Soo Choo with the tetratot.

Also, I enjoy the fact that Joe Morgan doesn't call any Koreans by name.

I guess it was only a tre-ter tot. (insert exchange rate joke)

Team Korea : Legion League Baseball team : : Team Venezuela : Fat, drunk rec league softball team

7-zip, Korea over Valenzuela in the second. Oily crap.

Rick Sutcliffe is an idiot. Regarding the lack of home runs these days compared to the days when people hit 70:

"I think we both know the real record is 61"


Sutcliffe is just upset his frontal lobes quit working around '95.

Not that he set any records, but you know what I mean.


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