Rinku And Dinesh Vs. Topps

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Checking my Google Reader over coffee this morning I saw the headline "Very Bad Thing Happen To Us." I wondered why Geoff Baker would be referring to himself as "Us" so I investigated further. To my surprise the post wasn't from Smilin' Geoff but in fact, Rinku and Dinesh. Who done you wrong, guys?

Yesterday locker room man coming to us from company Topps. He saying we sign contract. We telling him we not reading this english. we say he have talking JB sir. He saying he talking JB sir and JB sir say OK signing.

So we signing this thing and he give me and Dinesh $5.00. Then we finding out JB sir not knowing this. Man from company Topps lying to us. he very bad man. This very bad company. We having good deals with upper Deck and Playoff. We not liking Topps. We never be Topps if they ask us signing again. They bad man and say lying to us.

We hoping no people buying Topps cards. Peoples who liking us only buying Upper Deck and Playoff.

Wow. A boycott. I say DAMN THE LOCKER ROOM MAN! In translation it appears this guy needed Rinku and Dinesh's signature to make Topps Cards of them, and he paid them $5 to grease the skids. Quaint. I'm not sure how much Company Topps usually pays guys for their signatures, but I always assumed it was covered in the MLBPA contract, and not taken care of with wads of small bills in the locker room.

Then again, what's the big deal here? I completely understand R&D's reluctance to sign anything without consulting JB Sir. He has taken them this far and shielded them from a bunch of unsavory characters, I'm sure. But signing an exclusive deal with Upper Deck for your baseball card seems kind of wrong too. As the guys learn more about the role baseball plays in America, someone oughta tell them how cool it is to have a baseball card, and that they don't need to sell every single piece of themselves to the highest bidder. It seems that everyone involved, including JB Sir, could stand to loosen up a bit. These guys have a lot more to learn about pitching before they get caught up in marketing.

If this ends up voiding their contract with Upper Deck or something, I'm sure it can be worked out the old fashioned American way. With the threat of litigation. That will be yet another learning experience. But until then, R&D oughta cool out and go spend that $5 on some Five Guys. I've seen the one in Bradenton.

(Awesome graphic stolen from the talented Blair Kelly)

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Topps is going to put out 3-D hologram cards of R&D high-fiving elephants while strumming the sitar.

Apparently people from India and Pakistan talk the same.

That is exactly how Danny Boyle recruited the actors in Slumdog Millionaire.

The 1,000,005 dollar arm.

They need to calm down a bit, it's not like this guy forgot to give him is visa renewal papers

I hear if you put R&D's cards in your car's hubcaps, it will sound like a truck.

five and change might get 'em a single patty burger at Five Guys, but where's the joy with only one patty and no fries?

But most Indians don't eat b--

I see what you did there. I get jokes!

I'm almost sure they eat beef. Dudes were obsessed with Dominos Pepperoni pizza at USC.

I'm not one, but I think any sausage should be on the table for vegetarians because it's so often barely even meat.

In a related question: Can vegans eat their own boogers and fingernails?

CTC, You know way too much about these guys

Pepperoni is pork. Where have you been getting your pepperoni from, Greek boy?

Greek boy

You answered your own question, Rob.

Domino's pepperoni, like most commercial pepperonis, contains both pork and beef.

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