Slim Pickings on the Liveglog Choices Today, Folks

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The good people at XM Radio have decided that I must choose between just two games to listen to and liveglog today at 3PM. Here are our choices:

  • Cleveland Indians vs Chicago Cubs
  • Texas Rangers vs Kansas City Royals


Well I glogged the Indians last week and I'd rather not glog at all than waste my life listening to a Royals/Rangers springtime tilt. Sorry folks, no glog today.

Instead, please enjoy this hilarious video courtesy of Big League Stew via AdFreak:

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Tribe vs. Cubs, do it!

So if listening to a Royals/Rangers game is "wasting your life" then what sort of pathetic piece of shit am I that I was stoked to read the liveglog of someone wasting their life listening to a royals/rangers game?

Get with the plan Iracane and glog USA/Blue Jays instead

Maybe if our ads paid a little more I could afford


Well it's your loss, i can hear Stubby Clapp creaking from here.

or you could pull names out of your hat to determine the fantasy baseball draft order.

Stubby Clap sounds like the worst hooker ever.

Jesus Christ - Ramiro Mendoza is pitching for Panama.

I'd rather have e-Lincecum than real Barry Zito any day of the week.

Braves up 2-0 on the Yanks. suck it icarane

That's the highlarious commercial that I referred to the other day but could not locate. Great work Rob/Duk/AdFreak.

This does not reflect well on American work ethic, fellow Team USA rooter.

@matt_t, you know Rob isn't the only Yankee fan here and no I will not suck it.

Rob gave the wink wink nudge nudge though, so perhaps he's open to more things than you are, Mr. Underdog.

I didn't realise Rob was from Purley

Do you think real life Tim Lincecum considered having sexual relations with video game Tim Lincecum?

I don't know about him but i certainly did.


Judging by the fact that Real Timmy was wearing a towel, and CGI Timmy went commando, I'm gonna have to say that SOMETHING naughty went down.

The Phillies ad which is like a Sinatra song is awesome.

Sorry UU, it was more of the old deadspin meme than taunting of the Yankeeness of Rob

matt t, no need to apologize.

Team America saw its future today. TRAVIS SNIDER IS MADE OF MAGIC

Thanks for the blown save, Mets pitcher JJ Putz.

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