The New Screech Will Haunt Jim Bowden's Unemployment Nightmares

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Thanks to Dan Steinberg at D.C. Sports Bog for uploading a picture of the latest incarnation of the Nationals mascot, Screech. Looks like the ad wizards behind this re-design decided that Screech would appeal to more D.C. locals if he appeared to be strung out on horse.

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Oh, I get it. The Nats mascot has a right to bear arms.

Seriously, this is more disturbing than the cow with two heads.

Yeaaaaaah, boooooy!

And I thought Dustin Diamond hit a low point when he was on Celebrity Fit Club

I don't get it. Is this mascot intended to entertain kids or to scare them out of the ballpark?

On the plus side, our mascot will scare more batters than our rotation.

How will he thrust his comically large belly around for the amusement of the fans now?

"Pull my beak and watch me tweak!"

Doesn't Screech dress up as a chicken when he plays the keyboard for Zack Attack?

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