Tonight's Curt Schilling Questions

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Hey kids, no.

  • DID you find it appropriate that Curt Schilling announced his retirement today via his blog?

  • IS he the best postseason pitcher of his generation? Here are the stats. Smoltz has a case but it's probably Schill.

  • IF you said yes to that, does that put him in the HoF? I'd vote for him.

  • DID his oft irratating off the field persona skew people's perceptions of his on the field accomplishments? In a media age where the two are often covered in equal measure, I'd say yes. I almost never agreed with him when he strayed from baseball talk, but I give him credit for not being afraid to take a polarizing stance when most athletes refuse to say anything. Also, don't forget all the ALS and skin cancer stuff he and his wife did.

  • WHAT is your favorite Schilling Era? Phils, Snakes or Sox? You can't say O's. Probably depends on where you're from but they all had their moments.

  • DID the Red Sox initial decision for him to not have surgery last year cost him one more year in the big leagues. I'm sure he'll give his take on that in the next couple of days, but one thing is for sure: it didn't help.

  • WILL you watch the Bloody Sock Game tonight at 7:30 on ESPN Classic? It's also the A-Rod slap game. Two seminal moments. I'll probably catch the end. I'm going out for dinner.

Yes, that's the end of the day for us. Yes, it was a rather good one. Go check out the 8th comment on the Frank McCourt story from commenter Timphilly. Interesting stuff. I wonder if McCourt is sorry he's bringing all this attention on the workings of his Foundation instead of just their work. Oops!

We should find out about the Marlins Stadium vote any minute now. When we do I will fill it in the blank below. I'll be shocked if it doesn't pass. So happy trails, Curt and we'll see the rest of you here tomorrow. Same WoW channel.


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Curt Schilling is the only person who fits in the intersection of my "PEOPLE I WANT IN THE HALL OF FAME versus PEOPLE I WANT DEAD" Venn diagram.

Greatest postseason pitchers: Smotlz, Schilling and Beckett. And all three will have worn the Boston uniform.

Beckett skewed his numbers a little last year by pitching hurt.

For me, it's Luke Appling. He knows why.

I still marvel at the fact that Schilling era ended so poorly in Philly (a la Rolen and Drew) and yet he doesn't get summarily booed in this town. I was walking to my office one day and an old woman smacked me with her handbag just for smelling like JD Drew, whatever that means.

Schilling's blog? Pshaw. His avatar told my avatar this in Everquest last week.

Schilling was/is a Bush yes, his so-called "off the field persona" has skewed my view of him

end of story

-Kenny Powers

ps: I deserve a HoF spot before that douchefag does

"Schilling's Fucking Out! I'm Fucking In!!"

Buster Onley just said that the 01 WS was the best ever. WHUT?

Well this Yankees fan fucking cried his eyes out for months but even I agree it was the best World Series ever.

Anything that makes a Yankee fan cry goest straight to the top of my list.

That's how I feel about '91. 5 of the 7 games were 1 run games and 3 went to EXTRAS.

I guess 2011 will be a classic too.

Better be, Matt, the world ends in 2012.

Curt Schilling: The first truly postmodern baseball star? Discuss.

The most frequently Googled "Curt" is Curt Warner. It kind of gives me a whole new level of appreciation for American stupidity. So many people are searching for Kurt Warner that even the ones who spell it wrong manage to move him above other popular Curts like Schilling, Cobain, and Menefee. I wonder how many rubes curse audibly when they get sent here.

By the way, the tenth most popular "Curt" search term is "Curt Jester." I'm gonna go ahead and light my face on fire now.

Curtis Mayfield should be at the top of that list.

Curtis Mayfield really should be at the top of that list.

My pair of pennies: despite his assholian tendencies, Shilling is definitely a HoFer.

Clearly people are searching for tips for Tecmo Bowl, which Curt Warner was in.

The 2001 World Series was incredible. I was attending college in Westchester County at the time. When the Diamondbacks plated the series-winning run, all was quiet on campus... until about 30 seconds later, when somebody shouted "FUCK!!!" so loudly that it bounced off the outside dormitory walls.

Curtis Mayfield is only the second most popular Curtis right now, losing out to Curtis Lavelle Vance, the guy who allegedly(?) killed that TV anchor last year. Apparently he was formally charged last week. Quit being trendy, Google search suggestions, and turn some people on to the pusher man.

@Rob in re: Comment #9 in Frank McCourt post

I'm smart, I say thing smart no lies.

The resolution passed 9-4.

You've been scooped, Liakos!

Listening to Bud Selig and Joe Morgan discuss the WBC takes me back to the days when my third grade class would visit the nursing home to sing songs about the Feast of the Annunciation.

I think Schilling should get in the HOF someday. That being said - there is NO WAY I would vote to have him share the stage with Greg Maddux in 2014. Same goes for Mike Mussina.

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