Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, your body has to conserve energy when its core temperature drops.

That's all for today. I'm at the Reds/Red Sox game tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for a Dusty Baker interview and all kinds of other good stuff. Jimmy Fallon starts tonight but I'm gonna be snoozin. See ya. Same WoW Channel. You too, Chimp Cowboy.

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I'd like to thank the faceless publicity folk, who think my blog still had more than 10 readers who weren't there for recaps of "The City", for sending me the Neko Case record already. It's glorious and you should all get it tomorrow.

Yes, yes I will be getting the new Neko Case tomorrow. I will also be seeing her for free at the Casbah tomorrow night.

I say let the Cubs have their Schilling jerseys, just as long as they keep their mitts off any Alderson/Peavy jerseys.

That chimp is such a poseur.

What/Who/How/When is a Neko Case? I hate Necco Wafers, so if it's songs about Necco Wafers, count me out.


Lloyd Moseby looks great!

Chimp Cowboy would have been a good nickname for W.

First you mock Nixon, now Bush. Why do you hate America, Walkoff walk?

Anybody picking up MLB2K9 tomorrow? The demo got me intrigued (plus I've got $15 in Best Buy Buxxxxxxxxxx) but I'm still on the fence.

If the new Timmy Lincecum commercial for 2k9 is a good barometer of game quality, I say you should pick it up.

Hopefully it doesn't suck as plentifully as 2k8. I'm a sucker, so I may just pick it up anyway.

Chimp Cowboy seems like a nice fella. Though, I don't care much for the way he looks at my baboon daughters.

I lied. I'm watching Fallon.

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