Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, don't put me on.

That's all for today you whippersnappers. We'll be back tomorrow. It's gonna be wilder than Taz in here. Same WoW channel.

(Photo of the 1912 Brooklyn Dodgers team stolen from the Library of Congress' Flickr page.)

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When my wife suggested she wants to go this event in 2009, I fell in love with her all over again.

HOW many drugs will I have to consume to convince myself that Dontrelle's one bad inning was a fluke and not a confirmation that he remains fucked for good?

I couldn't make the Portland Cochon 555, but I made up for it in Louisiana last week, eating a metric ton of boudin, grattons, tasso, and andouille.

The D-Train is permanently faded.

WHY is that guy wearing over his face in the first row? Is he going to rob a freight train?

HOW cold does March in Hot Spring look? Those sweaters are so wooly!

It is especially troubling that the only people Dontrelle seems to be able to get out are his teammates.

Manny signed with the Dodgezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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