Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, fortune favors the bold.

That'll do for today, piggies. I'm not really waking up that early to watch the WBC but I will certainly be watching Team America vs Team Canadia on Saturday at 2PM on ESPN. Hopefully, Davey Johnson will keep J.J. Putz in the bullpen and off the mound.

(Jorge Posada and his borkened bat courtesy of picAndrew on Flickr)

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Big Announcement:

Commenter Super Joe will be joining me as Co-Owner of Team Zombie Pete Franklin.

Big(ger) announcement:

CHIPPER JONES will be joining me as co-owner of our team. Expect us to draft Chipper in the first, Samuel Colt in the second, and Javy Lopez in the third.

Chief, finally Super Joe Charboneau is back in baseball.

That's the only time anything regarding the Padres will beat the shit out of anybody.

Unless you're married to a Giles.


Five Dollar
Five Dollar peanutpopcornhotdogcookiecoke

Just booked a "client dinner" in NYC on St. Paddy's Day. I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE.

@Honeynut: I hope it's not at McSorley's or P.J. Carney's.

I'm not sure I'm allowed in McSoreley's anymore after the "incident".


No, the dinner itself is at the uber-boring Capitol Grille (I know, not my choice). The drinking before/after will be at locations TBD.

Capital Grille? Sheesh, you might as well be eating in Blandlanta or Washingsnooze, D.C.

Hey guys,

Glad to be part of the community and looking forward to competing in the Roto league.

Yo, Mike? Mike Rizzo? Yeah, this is your brother Frank. Frank. Frank Rizzo. Got a fuckin, ah, trade offer for you there, sizzlechest.

Also surprised a new Dylan record is coming out?

Bob Dylan.

Any chance is going Yu Darvish to defect during the WBC tournament?

(My last comment was filtered through BabelFish.)

MLB2k9 is the same as the past few in the series. The pitching is kind of hard, but its fun. And the graphics are fantastico


So a watered-down Budweiser is apparently worth six bucks in Petco Park. Sounds about right...

You know, Capitol Grille really isn't so bad, they havzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The meal is merely a pit stop between bars.

I shouldn't talk shit having

(a) never been to a Capital Grille
(b) heard surprisingly good things about the resto
(c) consumed two Dominos Pizza chicken parm sandwiches in the past month

Who goes to a pizza joint and has a sandwich?
That's like going to a Chinese place and ordering a hamburger.

Are we liveglogging the Japan-China WBC game? I set my alarm and am ready. Guess I'll just wait for you guys to start.

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