Tonight's Questions

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baby-lobster.jpgHey kids, if you don't tie up your horse at night it might leave you.

Ta-da. All done for today. We've got more stuff tomorrow, we've got more division previews later in the week. You'll like most of it. Probably. Same WoW channel. You too, Lobster Baby.

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According to the Million Dollar Arm blog," "Some players wanting take us to the saloon but we not doing this thing."


Quit being pussies and get drunk you two.

WHO will play me in the Rinku and Dinesh Movie?


Rosemary, that is.

Thanks Matt, I'll send out your check tonight.


Screw you all, I'm Clooney.

This guy will be playing Kris Liakos in the movie.

In an unbilled cameo, you'll see this movie star.

WHO will play me in the Rinku and Dinesh Movie?

If I know my casting, and I think I do: Harvey Fierstein

From what I heard, I thought Pauly Shore was gonna play both Rob and Kris...

If anyone needs me, I'll be shopping for a new nation of origin. I hear Australia plays baseball well these days? Hmmm, the threat of being raped by a wallaby versus the shame of losing to Italy in a baseball game? I'm on the fence, high above the raping wallabies.

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