Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, recognize the opportunity.

  • HOW cute does Dominican shortstop Jose Reyes look with his Mets turban underneath his official WBC-endorsed team cap?

  • SHOULD we be scared of New Jersey's own Rick Porcello? Patrick Hayes thinks the Tigers' fifth starter job is his, as long as the rest of Detroit's rotation keeps stinking the jernt up.

  • WHAT are Rangers beat writer Evan Grant's top five favorite burger chains? Our pal has never been to a Five Guys, so I will forgive him for including Roger Ebert's favorite Steak-N-Shake.

  • IS the Colonel Sanders Curse the Japanese equivalent of the Curse of the Bambino? I say no, it's cute, but needs a little schoolgirl-panty-worship to make it fully weird enough.

  • WHY does it always rain on me?

That'll just about do it for today. Hurry home, kids, Team America tackles Team Venezuela for the one seed tonight at 6:30EDT on the MLB Network, followed by Team Mexico vs Team Australia elimination game at 10PM. See ya tomorrow, chuckleheads.

(photo courtesy of Flickr user random letters)

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Steak-N-Shake makes a tasty shake, but Whataburger should be second on that list. If you are ever in Texas or anywhere else there is a Whataburger go get one. With that being said, In-N-Out still rules.

But these are little belly bombs from heaven.

That's the truth, but you go from Heaven to Hell by the time it takes you to get home.


We had Whataburger in college. I used to be a big fan of the chicken fingers. White gravy FTW.

boo friggin hoo...25 years isn't a cur-zzzzzzzzz

What sort of moron prefers Krystal over White Castle? Aint even close. The writer must be some sort of commie homo or something.

I've never had White Castle, but I love me some Krystal.


Is he implying that Nate Robertson, Zach Miner, and D-Train have been less than impressive? I'm shocked.

I still say D-Train gets the #5 job out of camp unless he hides Leyland's cigarettes. That doesn't mean Porcello won't be staring game #10 though.

Evan Grant mentions something called Krystal. Not really sure what that is, other than Roseanne's neighbor.

I am, however, familiar with White Castle, which sounds too much like "Krystal" for my liking. Step off my chicken rings, Kryssie. SACK OF TWENTY FTW

Krystal has what they call the steamer pack. Which is 24 Krystals in a cardboard house.

One of my friends ate an entire steamerpack in an hour. Just to prove he could

You beat me to the White Castle punch. I took too much time looking for a picture of Crystal.


But did your friend get sassed, mugged and beaten in the process? No he did not. Therefore, White Castle is better.

Krystals are ok, but Castles are great.

White Castles are great, but in St. Louis, the quality varies from store to store.

The WC where I grew up inexplicably closed it's drive through window after 10PM, yet kept the dining area open until 2 AM.

White Castle: What you crave when you crave to get beaten up inside a fast food restaurant while an armed robbery takes place at the counter.

White Castles are great when you are hammered, I have no idea how they tasee you are not hammered.

I don't know if white castles are put in bad neighborhoods or when you put a white castle in a neighborhood in becomes a bad neighborhood. It's a 'chicken or the egg' type of thing

I saw some scary things in the Fordham Road White castle at 4AM. Very scary.


You could put a White Castle inside a police precinct and you would still get pickpocketed at 3 in the afternoon. Who could predict that 29 cent hamburgers would attract an unsavory element?

All this WC talk is making me hungry. It's spaghetti night at the BC house

White Castle : Krystal :: Ulysses S. Grant : Robert E. Lee

The White Castle near the Chicago Convention Center is probably one of the top places in the Midwest to go for the assault grand slam: Shot, stabbed, beaten, raped. And this is in a pretty gentrified area.


Cut in line in front of me when I have a load on and I'm good for three of those myself.

@bc: pasta night. We must be on the same schedule.
I hope we don't start menstruating together.

Did you have Tacos last night?

My wife and the gal I work with menstruate at the same time. That can be a grueling few days

tacos for lunch. I'm early.

Kenny Powers is back on top, sober and ready to destroy the competition. Feel the power of Kenny Powers!

I just ate tilefish. Tasty, but the grout is tearing up my insides.

Shoulda followed it with some hammerhead, Rob.

Look at Jeter hustle to first base. The man truly walks on gilded splinters.

Now watch him hustle to home plate. Eat it, Ven-uh-zoo-ail-uhns.

Finally somehow adopted my "All Blancos, All the Time" philosophy. Wait, does that make me racist?

I leave for one day and come back to people talking about White Castle? Look, we know 3 things: White Castle is for total assholes, In'n'Out shits on it, and I'm Clooney.

I'm Clooney, you moron.

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