Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, 'low mileage' is a relative term.

  • IS Luis Castillo's torrid spring for real? If so it would really change the dynamic of that lineup, but I'm skeptical.

  • WHO said this:

    "I've always been a guy that has gotten stronger the longer the season goes and I don't think that will change. I understand what it takes to go out there and throw 110 pitches a game.

    "I take great care of my body. I eat well. I think I'm in great shape. There might be adjustments I need to make, but I feel if you work smart, eat smart and keep your body strong, I think it will be there."

    Of course it was Carl Pavano!

  • DID you know that baseball writers like burgers?

  • WHAT does Ryan Braun have to do to strenghthen his ribcage muscles? He has his second strain there in as many years.

  • ANY thoughts on Steve Earle's new record of TVZ covers? I'm sure I'll like it, I'm a huge fan of both guys. I just wonder about it's necessity.

  • WILL you join us for our Tourney Bracket Challenge? I know it's a different sport, but we're all CBB fans here so we might as well all be in a pool together. Especially since you won't get in my hot tub. The Group ID# is "132173" and the password is "shrimp"

Monday. I'm all high. Get me out of FLA. I fooled ya. In school, yeah. Now I know a made a mistake. That's a good song. Hope we helped your Monday speed by. We'll see you tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

(That incredible graphic of the incredible Dwight Evans stolen from Craicmedia's Flickrstream.)

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The Heist is not going to be a ballgame so much as it is going to be an alt-country (y'allternative) trivia competition amongst baseball fans.


it is going to be an alt-country (y'allternative) trivia competition amongst baseball fans.

Nice Guy Clark reference.

If you're not a Freakwater fan I don't want to know you.

Heist-appropriate alt. country begins and ends with The Mendoza Line.

Baseball writers like burgers, you say? Now you're just talking crazy talk...

yo yo yo... THE MAILBOX

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