Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, if you gotta go, go now.

  • WHAT does Chipper Jones have against Toronto? Perhaps our own Lloyd can take him out for a night on Bloor Street next time ol' Chip ventures across the border.

  • HOW ridiculous are the comments on my latest Big League Stew guest piece, in which I lash out at sadsack Yankees fans for bitching about ticket prices?

  • COULD the Pirates contend in 2010? Pat from WHYG,AVS must think it's possible, or else why pose the question?

  • WHAT are the three scariest words for Phillies fans? The Verducci Effect comes to mind.

  • WHO is Kris going to spend his St. Patrick's Day celebration with tonight? I have ten dollars that says it's this fine lady.

That's all for today, kind reader. Please heed the advice of our own Matt_T and try not to party too hard on this St. Patricks Day. In fact, why not stay in and watch Team America fight to the death with Puerto Rico in the WBC? We'd like you back here tomorrow morning in one piece, mmkay? Same WoW channel.

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You can't even give us a nice Irish song on this of all days? Screw yourselves, I'm going to drown myself in Guinness and eat some corned beef.

I spent the day listening to Radio Ireland on XM and I feel like I have lilting shillelaghs coming out of my arse.

The Irish couple next door wants me to go bar hopping with them and their mick friends. This goes against my mantra: never drink with people you don't know.

Chipper Jones can suck my cosmopolitan nutsack. I'm sure the light up Atlanta festival is a real treat for all ages.

Of course Toronto isn't Vegas. Toronto doesn't even have a NASCAR track or man made lakes stocked full of fish.

Wake me up on St. Francis' Day. We'll play bocce and drink Morettis. Until then, try not to puke in my front yard, amateurs.

"The House That Jeter Built"??? God damn it, Rob.

phillas-In Ireland everyone knows someone from every pub, take that mantra and get some Irish Stout down ye.

The only part of matt's story that is not cautionary is the part where his friend scores that nurse's phone number. Nice work, friend of matt!

I just watched that video. Incredible find. Very inspired choice of visuals. Needed a liiiiitle more Bobcat Glodthwaite, but what doesn't?

Ponson signed with the Royals.

Time to share my favorite St. Patrick's Day story. My Pappy went to Notre Dame in the 20's. His sophomore year "some dumb protestant bastard" sat down for breakfast wearing an orange tie. Pappy and his friends dragged the guy down to St. Mary's lake and attempted to drown him. They were caught by one of the priests and threatened with expulsion. Being good Catholic scholars they left and attended their classes before dragging the guy from his dorm room and trying again under cover of night. He was the guy who taught me not to quit until you succeed.

Are we going to get our first WoW of 2009?

Geez, being Catholic isn't as cool as it used to be.

Nope, never mind. Still a good game though. The only shitty part is we have to read Iracane fucking brag about his prognostication skills some more

I was so confused...rooting against J.C. Romero and for David Wright? Baseball does not usually require cognitive dissonance for me.

Put that on your lobsta and smoke

We gotta reach out to the commenters over there. This life and this site are too much to take without them.

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