Tonight's Questions

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heathcliff.jpg Hey kids, one problem is never enough.

That does it for today. We'll do it to you again tomorrow. Same WoW channel. You too, Surveillance Video Heathcliff.

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Prostate milker

"see' of of you tonight at 9pm. Will Kris be wearing his Garfield shirt for the draft?

That picture is freaking me out, man.

"see" some of you tonight at 9pm. Will Kris be wearing his Garfield shirt for the draft?

Kris forgot to link this horrifying picture of Gabe Gross smoking a doobie in a hot tub. SO VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Also, my sincerest apologies to anyone who was left out of the Walkoff Walk fantasy league due to size constraints. I promise that next year, we will expand to two leagues, one with a kind-hearted commissioner in Kris Liakos and one with a stern taskmaster in Rob Iracane.


Some thoughts from my "work dinner" in NYC yesterday:
-Getting off the train at 3P and being greeted by throngs of hammered 19-year-olds isn't as awesome as it sounds
-Throngs of hammered 19-year-olds aren't nearly as hysterical as they think they are
-Being a naive rube, I never realized how bad hotel biz is right now. My corporate-rate room at the Flatotel was a corner suite with a balcony and a living room. I felt like Jay-Z.
-Staying up until 2 when you have to get up at 7 for a train back home is a terrible way to prepare for a fantasy baseball draft.

Concert pianist

Professional Chavs, what would they use to signify their displeasure at something/someone?

Gang member (if middle finger is used in gang sign)

Please let there once again be a motorcade through the streets of Boston for Doug Mirabelli.

Oh my god don't say that Colonel.

I heard if you say "Mirabelli" in the mirror three times, he shows up and takes a baseball bat to your head.

Fortunately, it's Doug Mirabelli, so he predictably misses and you steal his wallet.

I hope you all enjoy the draft this evening just half as much as I plan to enjoy my UTTER EXCLUSION FROM IT!

I approve of Gabe Gross. I like the high life can on the side of the hot tub too

Gorge's bitterness is so complete and emphatic, I think I'll drizzle it over my spinach salad tonight. During the draft.

I just like the guy's name. "Gabe?! Gross..."

No Gorge? Dammit.

If it helps Gorge I only got in because I have naked pics of a certain moderator drunkenly humping a Garfield doll.

I got an invite so Rob wouldn't be the only Yankee fan with an Italian last name in the league. That and my good looks got me in.

I would likely draft Mike Cameron in the first round, so it's probably all for the best.

Gorge, I owe you one big time.


I just accidentally hit myself in the jaw with a dinner plate. This is going to be a rough night.

Serves you right, you non-lobbying for me bastard. KRIS IS CLOONEY

You know, we could always get motivated and set up a WoW AAA or even Grapefruit league if there's interest.

P.S. I call "not running that shit". I'm an IDEAS man, people.

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