Tonight's Questions

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bullpenpitbeef.jpg Hey kids, I'm a thief and I dig it.

  • DID you add Keith Olbermann's MLBlog to your RSS feed yet? Do it, or Rachel Maddow will kick your ass.

  • ARE you following college baseball yet? It's a pleasant diversion if your alma mater was unceremoniously dumped by an inferior team in the first round of the Tourney.

  • MAY I slug the umpire?

  • WHAT is the best way to appease an angry readership? Chico Harlan is going to try an in depth interview with Marquis Grissom. Sounds right to me. PR 101, people.

  • The next two days we'll be wrapping up our division previews so come hungry for provocation, prognostication and crustaceans. Same (analog) WoW channel.

    (Bull Pen Pit Beef pic ganked from the solid Flickrstream of one BCostin.)

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    Olbermann is a little too douchie for my taste.

    Olberman is a LOT too douchey for my taste.

    BTW, BC, Ms. Wahoo was also not thrilled about having to watch the WBC finale last night. Maybe we need to find a hobby our SO's can share.

    I vote for: Making beef jerky

    My spelling is not the best today.

    Reading Keith's blog with his voice makes it mucho entertaining.
    But then again I'm a San Francisco leftist pig.


    love the thought but the smoke might be a little much in an east village apartment. Maybe we can do it on the fire escape.

    I think you two are the douches for talking about your old ladies while completely ignoring Rock N Roll Party Dad. And the link to Jawbone.

    How does home brewing sound?

    Like home brewing. That won't cause problems with the home meth lab me and the Ms. set up, will it?

    Kris, I'm well aware that I'm a douche. Perhaps you aren't paying attention but I actually take pride in it.

    Comment #53. Where the fight for freedom begins.

    I've never been prouder of my association with than reading comment 53.


    God Bless America, and God Bless WalkOffWalk.

    Oh, and I'm down for that homebrew action, Chief and BC.

    Comment #53 is why I'm proud to be a Walkoff Walk commenter. So... *sniff* proud... *sniff* I told myself I wasn't gonna get *sniff* choked up...

    Speaking of nothing related to Rock N Roll Party Dad, the new Mastodon album is fantastic (after about 1 1/2 full listens, anyway). Highly recommended.

    the new Mastodon is fucking fantastic

    I think Matt goes to archaeology conventions just to tell people how much he likes the new Mastodon record.

    If I was elected Governor of any state, I would make create a state-funded Party Patrol to help fuel parties, not shut them down. Basically it would be 3 dudes in a Ford explorer with cases of Bacardi 151 and a box full of Mastodon records.

    What the hell is THIS?

    So many questions. Who steals a baby? Why is a 20-year-old ballplayer married to a 43-year-old chick? THE PIRATES HAVE GOOD (non-Hindu) PROSPECTS???

    I saw that baby on the news tonight. I had no idea the bizarre backstory behind it.

    I hate to parrot you but the real mystery here is WHY IS A 20 YEAR OLD BALLPLAYER MARRIED TO A 43 YEAR OLD WOMAN?

    None of this would have happened if Rock N Roll Party Dad was out on the streets.

    @ Honeynut

    That sounds like a job for Duff Guy.

    I grew up in south Louisiana, where every dad is Party Dad. Here in Oregon, it's so uptight that I almost got into a fight at an outdoor concert with an OLCC guy--a dad was in a beer line with his young son (this was a bluegrass concert at the zoo, btw), and the liquor control Nazi walked up and physically separated the child from his dad. I'm a peaceful man, but it was on. Portland is Beervana, don't you know, but the state is completely unreasonable in its attitudes toward alcohol.

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